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11/29/2006 c20 12Ben Wuest
But... But... But...

But if the timeline was restored, why didn't some dimension warp occur to make it that the scientists were never technically studying the timeline infraction... since there was no timeline infraction anymore...?

And... And... And...

And fire wouldn't come out in a perfect stream in zero-gravity, as it would here on earth. It is theorized that it would just be absorbed into a small ball of compressing masses, or not exist at all...

And... And... And...

*SOBS!* I don't want it to be over! Now what am I going to do?

11/29/2006 c19 Ben Wuest
This story is drastically becoming more of a serious read than a humorous-angsty-thingy (not that you meant it to, but, to tell the truth, I'm really starting to take this story more seriously than ever before!). You guys are so talented, but I'm out of time. I will finish reading this as soon as possible... probably over lunch period in a couple hours. Have you broken 100 yet? I didn't look.

11/29/2006 c18 Ben Wuest
Dang it! You guys are taking all of my future ideas! You beat me to it, fair and square though... I'll think up new ones.

11/27/2006 c20 Jadeisms
WOOT!1 *jumps for joy* simply Ah-mazing!

sorry...little whacked out...i hate getting blood drawn!

anyways...totally great guys...B-e-a-utiful...

11/27/2006 c19 Double A
This is for chapter 19, or 20 who cares?

freaken unbleveble! Man, some story. I cant belve its finly over. Good story though. Although I smell a secend one. Maby? Then agian it might just be a crative way to end a story. Oh, and on other note my favorite carrecter was Aero. I like kittys!

Hey Ms. Critic! sence the story is over, dose this mean that we wont be hearing from you any more?

Assome story! Good job! Big smile :)
11/27/2006 c18 R.E.D

What's up with the chapter names? I mean come on!
11/27/2006 c20 R.E.D
Bwa ha ha ha ha! Sorry, I didn't get to sleep till 1 last night. I guess I was too excited about the last chapter.

I can't say much about Brian except he was very accuratly depicted in this story. As for the rest of the gang they were to... but not as much.

The End was the best part. Just, BOOM! and it was over. Why can't all stories end like that?

Guess it's the end. All over. No more. Bye bye. Todaloo.

P.S. I was the first person to reveiw the end of this story.

And I'll never tell how...

P.P.S. I'm not an athor.
11/27/2006 c1 R.E.D
For gosh sakes, this story is almost over and you desert us!
11/24/2006 c13 Double A
Hi this is actually a review for chapter 19,18 what ever.

wow now it all makes sence, kinda but what I dont get is why woudnt katlins last name change unless she marries herself...

well keep writing so I can keep reading.
11/24/2006 c19 R.E.D

The moment of truth! All is revieled! The plot now makes sense! The only thing left is for a huge fight scene between Brian and Jon!

I have no more imfomation at this time.
11/23/2006 c18 Double A
WOW. its all coming together. but one thing I dont get is, why didnt Katiln get a 'gift' from Jon? and what happend to captin Moroni? and what about Aero? the pussy cat? were's Aero! other than that I guess motsly I just need to read the next four chapters, cant wait.
11/22/2006 c16 R.E.D
P.S. I'm The first one to review Chapter 17!
11/22/2006 c18 R.E.D

So, I highly doubt that Kenzi's great grand daugter would look exactly like Kenzi... Unles Kenzi married herself.

WHERE'S BRIAN? And what horrors could he causing?

And why can't we hear what the scientist (if that's really his name) said. I mean. Ether this story is gona end in a clif hanger,(that's where the a story dosen't resolve its self) or it's gona solve its self in the last sentense.

And to Miss Critic, (if also that's your real name) I found a few spelling errors for this chapter...

(Richard shrugged. “If what you -sayis
11/22/2006 c17 R.E.D
Glad to see I was missed. I wasn't sure if the chaper was up or not, and I also forgot to cheak.

I might have already asked this question before, but, WHY DID JON GIVE BRIAN A ZOMBY WEILDING SWORD!

I'll say more after I read the next chapter.
11/22/2006 c17 21Reaper
That was cool. Go Aero. Messing with time is really buzzy, I think I might write a time-bending/breaking/altering/warping/buzzing story.


P.S. Keep goin'
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