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2/2/2007 c1 14Mel-Dog Moody
Your story is really interesting. I think many readers could relate to the main character Crystal. However, I have a question why are the chapters so short?

1/24/2007 c2 8Rachel Sumner
I like this, it was pretty good, and yes it has potential.

You might want to make more happen in it though...just a thought.
11/5/2006 c1 Chocolate Trifle
I like your character already! And the orange sweater with green polka dots. That's awesome! (joke :P)

Crystal's ex-friend sounds like a real jerk. Grr.

Anyways, this has potential, so update!
9/29/2006 c1 48notthecreepyfatguy
I have felt like the character Crystal alot so I can relate to her and thats what I like most about this.Also your dialouge is great.
8/29/2006 c1 7Victoria Humblydum
i liked it. it made me laugh. you should write another chapter. sophie appears to be a jerk and crystal is better off without her.
8/27/2006 c1 29Ashley Hyperkins
Thanks a bunch for the reveiw, and I will be adding more, so please keep checking back!
8/27/2006 c1 An-Author-At-Heart
Aw that poor Crystal! I hate her ex-best friend, what a female dog. Anyway, this seems to have promise. It's interesting, I'd really like to read the next chapter. Hopefully you're writing a next chapter. Good job, keep up the great work!

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