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for Suicide

1/30/2008 c1 17Dusk Has Fallen
I really liked this poem. It's your point of view, and you put it into words beautifully.
1/21/2008 c1 17daughterofmusic
I see your point, but a lot of times it goes a lot deeper than what people see.

~Daughter of Music
3/14/2007 c1 17incandescent.smiles
*sigh* why haven't I reviewed your stuff lately, my dear darling Britters? I apologize. *grovel*. (but you know me, so be prepared for my rambling ^^)

Okay. So I loved this. But that's beside the point, because obviously, I love all your stuff. This was short but... it it me. Like with a three-ton sledgehammer. It packs a big punch for five lines. (and it doesn't seem angsty to me, just... reflective. insightful. justreallyawesomelycool. Take your pick. ^_^)

Personally, I think suicide is a selfish thing. It has always seemed to me that someone who commits suicide feels like there's no way out for them (which I can sympathize with), but they're not really taking into consideration anyone who cares about them. A suicide note is not a very equal replacement for a person you love. Even though I know that killing yourself probably isn't easy, it seems like the coward's way out. Or something.

Anyway. I miss you, I love you!

2/2/2007 c1 5ce n'est pas que je m'appelle
I love this!

"Chicken Tenders"
11/22/2006 c1 80magnusthewolf
interesting take and deep subject...nice...very short and to the point yet it loeaves a lot to think about.
10/24/2006 c1 21Aella88
Beautiful poem and yet very short. I love the words, because even though you use so few, you make a beautiful statement of them.
10/10/2006 c1 6Another Pen in the Pod
Sometimes angsty can be really good. I love that this wasn't a poem about how great it would be to die, but how stupid it is. I like the point you give, we can all die, but you don't need to prove that. It was great.
10/8/2006 c1 82Isabella22
This sends such a powerful meaningful message to everyone in such a short, straight to the point poem.

My friend tried commiting suicide, and now that it's in the past, I'm not able to talk about it. I want to know why she did, and i want to tell her what i feel, but I can't, otherwise it'll bring to much up that was purposely forgotten.

It hurts really. It hurts to be someone listening on the side lines.

Love the poem. i'm really glad you wrote it.

9/26/2006 c1 58Marionette Dancer
wow, i liked this one, britt...gah, that came out like i dont like ur other ones, lol...*deep breath* ok, start over. *ahem* Britt, you know how much i love ALL of your pieces on here, and this one is no exception...YAY! haha, ok, neway, back to my actual self talking...it had really strong form, the line, "we're all capable of dying" was just really powerful for me. i dont know if it was just me, or everyone, but that line really stuck out as like, the support of the whole thing. plus, for me, the fact that you wrote it as something so short, and (this is not a term to use with suicide, but i cant think of nething else, lol) sweet, it just kinduv compliments the whole...subject matter i guess. very well put together, aww, thankx for the sweet reviews, yay! i missed my britt sis!

*adds to faves*
9/19/2006 c1 The Haiku Police
The Haiku Police are always watching. The Haiku Police don't like you very much. The Haiku Police are everywhere.

Nice poem.
9/15/2006 c1 15CleoB
for as short as this poem is, it has a very powerful message. I really like it. it's short and straight to the point. my friend used be suicidle, and i think if she read this poem, it would have stopped her. crazy as it sounds, i think this poem could change someone's life. nice job!~akasha*
9/12/2006 c1 31Dr-Pepper-2008
Britney you havent added anything in a while...how sad. Add something please! Hope to read something soon!
9/12/2006 c1 71MidnightStar005
This is the truth of the matter. Why? I mean sometimes people think about it, but I would never do it. Anyway, great job!
9/9/2006 c1 81Princess-anna57
Hey you! ^_^

Fascinating poem, it's actually really making me think! I like your point of view, so well done. Don't worry about the poem being angsty, yeah? ^_^ Keep writing!

~Anna~ ^_^
9/6/2006 c1 1simplywhy
Good poem. very short, very powerfull.. I really liked that line "We're all capable of dying" i think that that line is really the base and foundation of the poem. Even tho i thought it was good and powerfull. Im afraid that people that are suicidial might not see the point that you are trying to make...This peom might make them feel horrible about the way they feel...Im not trying to be decremnating or nething but i really wouldnt keep this poem posted. Hope you understand.
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