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for The Art Of Losing Myself

10/6/2007 c1 M.D.Irvine
ok i dont know much about David Blane so i cant say how this fictional outlook compares to his views on life. However, I can make comments about the fic itself. I must say that your writing style did a great job of foreshadowing the events that were to come. I kept getting this sense of foreboding that something bad was going to happen to him/her, that there would be a stunt that he couldn't accomplish that would lead to a death. "I've wondered why it was that I had this sensation I was the only one alive on earth" I liked that sentence though I thought it would have a greater impact if it was a bit shorter "I've always had the sensation that I was the only one alive on earth." doesnt have to be that but it just felt like there were too many words lessening the impact.

I was freaked when he stood on the pillar on the city for a whole night and a day. Your MC struggles to find himself by challenging death, by pushing himself to the limit. It gives me goosebumps-and you explained it well, torture, exquisite torture.

I wasnt quite sure how long he was in the block of ice. The ending seemed rushed . To cut a long story short, I was in the hospital... I think maybe there should be a smoother transition after I wanted to move back into the prison I came from to when he was in the hospital. Maybe just remove the to cut the long story short and just say I was in the hospital, being treated for shock.

So did he decide to never do the block of ice thing again or to give up pushing himself altogether. At first I thought he had given up stunts and then he talks about pushing through other boundaries. This time Im looking for more of the silence. hm a confusing ending that could go either way and made us think which was the purpose of this ending. You could make this more than a one shot or you could leave it as is. Im not sure if ur summary said it was a oneshot or not. Id probably leave it as is.

Great work. It's eerie and suspenseful. I like it.
9/23/2007 c1 Eire Rain
David Blaine really creeps me out. lol. Just thought I should get that out in the open. :)

Yay I am finally reviewing! This was good. What an interesting character! Are you going to make a story out of this? Because I really, really think you should use this character in a story, even if it's just a background character. There are so many levels to it. Like there is this obsession with death, this obsession with pushing yourself to feel something more. This sense of numbness and total unsatisfaction with life and your self.

I'm sorry if I sound all English teacher-ish and weird. I spend my days in boring literature classes, and the annoying "deep thinking" syndrome eventually rubs off on me no matter how hard I try to fight it. lol. I thought this could have used a little more description though. I love, love, love description (from reading my story I'm sure you can tell). I am a total description junkie, so I'd love to see some more of it here. But all in all I thought it was really interesting, a great idea for a character. Keep it up! (and sorry it took me so long to review you. I also didn't know which of your stories to read, so I just picked one. If you want me to read a specific one though, please let me know!) Talk to you soon,

Carol Ann
7/25/2007 c1 150SpawnMeister666
David Blaine is someone I've never had any time for, as I personally consider him to be an idiot!

However, this is a very well written piece as to some of the things that may actually go through his mind and motivate him...

9/1/2006 c1 1Dragon Fiend Of Doom
This story is great and somehow disturbing, which works really well with the theme. Not much else to say, so I'll stop yattering, except to say that 1st person suits you.
9/1/2006 c1 50In the Rye

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