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for Awake in a Nightmare

1/2/2006 c1 d
I think that I understand. Good job describing the emotion. Keep it up.
7/20/2001 c1 Shea
Woh, Deep.
5/25/2001 c1 Sarah
Holy COW! That was so cool.. I don't know HOW to explain it. It was really an awesome piece of writing. Its not really fanfiction.. its a personal experience which, in my opinion, makes it even better. And then ending PHEW, I was all thinking something bad was going to happen and BAM the sun is shinning LOL.. that was REALLY awesome Cat!

4/1/2001 c1 ME
3/11/2001 c1 4Dreamgurl0717
that was a very emotional and descriptive story. It's very good. It's not weird because it expresses your emotions in a good way.

Keep 'em coming!
3/10/2001 c1 7JaffaCake
A vivid account of your emotions and feelings. I like it.

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