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for The Joker's Flight

3/15/2007 c1 4Walking Catastrophe
I like the use of metaphors in this. I found the line "A Concord 45, He thanked the Lord" amusing. I don't understand the few last paragraphs except for the fact that he died.
2/15/2007 c1 60Thrice
Nicely done. I love the last bit. Humorous and emotional and just a great poem. XD
2/11/2007 c1 criti-sized
This was a very impressive poem that showed a great deal of humor and many other hidden emotions. I really like the way you put everything and made it shine in its own way. It didn't matter whether the words rhymed or not, but that the poem made the point that it was intended to.
1/14/2007 c1 M.D.Irvine
hi this is itse from reviewers found. i dont really read poetry but this was an easy read.
1/4/2007 c1 6Imaginary Parachute
This poem lacks the consistent rhythm of the other two I've just read, but I like its substance many times more than I do the others. When it comes to rhyming, the poet walks a thin line between cheapening or adding meaning to his or her work. You managed to get the second result. I really enjoyed this poem; you are a very talented author, and I salute you.
1/4/2007 c1 1Dots Mgeez
great poem. I normally don't read poems on fp, but this was great.
1/4/2007 c1 1addicted2cocoa
I'm not really much of a poem-person, but I liked that; you seemed to be telling a whole story in a few lines.
12/31/2006 c1 14letsdotheraindance
nice imagery && well-written. i've read your story about a lab rat a long time ago && wow, you've improved a lot. =) oh, && i wanna say that you're very good in vocabulary, too. wonderful play with words.

-hannah (reviewer's found)
12/31/2006 c1 5HawkDancer
Wow. This is kinda' scary, but very good.
12/31/2006 c1 17angels and effects
Presumably about playing cards? My favourite stanza would have to be the third one - it describes pretty vividly the scene of a poker table. I'm too sure about the ending, but it was rather well-written. Very poetic, and the minimal number of words you use emphasize that :)

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