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9/5/2006 c1 kjnhgtfrdefgh
IT'S HERE! WOOT! :hugs sequel:

Muwha, I am all bouncy and giddy now.

I can't wait to see why/how Thatcher is back.

- Celie
9/5/2006 c1 13Tenshistar
YAY! The sequel is here! I am super excited. Can't wait for the next one.
9/5/2006 c1 2Javelin
Wow, an excellent start my friend, I'm glad Thatcher is as hot as ever.
9/5/2006 c1 1chic rebel
ah! i was waiting for this sequel for forever. love the first chapter. i can't wait until you post thatcher's pov so we know what happened in the year and half since we left off the story before. :D update soon!
9/5/2006 c1 1Rhea Larkin
I'm so glad this is going to take place at college! The atmosphere will be totally different and I'm really looking forward to it...

I was sad when Thatcher's name was called out thrice and he didn't appear. I thought he wasn't going to appear. But then he did! Huzzah!

Also...Angie and Huey? Dude, that's hot. Of course nothing is going to happen...hah. Hah. Ahem. I totally would support their relationship. The Best Friends get together. Awesome.

"Oh, God," indeed. Can't wait to see where this is going...=D
9/5/2006 c1 4Abigail Radle
Poor Thatcher *hugs him*

Of course, I know exactly how Nadine feels too - I've been there before. *lol*

So glad to see this! Looking forward to hearing the rest of their story.
9/5/2006 c1 Holly Young
holy holy holy holy holy holy CRAPthat's all i can say
9/5/2006 c1 2katieee
this is fanastic!i cant wait to see what happens next!
9/5/2006 c1 2kidundercover
can't wait for the next chapter. its awesome. love the way you write. bring on the next chapter...woo hoo
9/5/2006 c1 Shadowsong
Wow, I did NOT see that coming! 0.0 You're off to a great start! :D I like the ring part so far.

My sister just entered college, so when I read the word "college" my mind skipped to all the colleges we visited... and now my head hurts. xD

I wonder what his major is?
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