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3/17/2007 c3 58Inkspilled
Oh, you better continue! dunno what ur planning on doing about continuing the story. They make it sound like all this drug stuff nd gangs are normal, dull in a way. I want to see more from Jake and his job. Poor Scott, and Jay is interesting, compared to Charlie, she seems more boring-ish but the fact that she used to be all tattoo's and stuff before and is now all goody gets a little...dull? or annoying.
3/10/2007 c3 To'xx'y
im confused... where's is this story going?
1/24/2007 c3 11Luv and Peace
Aw...i hope u get to update soon! Funny story.
1/7/2007 c1 3Da Vinci at Work
Haha. He's a pickpocket. :D
12/29/2006 c3 3Geeky Punk
sounds bitchin, updae as soon as you can ^^
12/25/2006 c1 Hennessy
I'm hooked but I still managed to restrain myself from plugging on to the next chapter. I'm hooked so reading on...

~Orange Orchids
12/24/2006 c3 CHIIJOY
I love this.

Okay, can't wait to find out what happens with the whole gang thing for Paco. And what happens with Scott in terra incognito. Plus, Jay and Jimmy are both so cute with Charlie. The whole brother-sister and love-you interactions seperately. Anywho, update soon. :D
12/19/2006 c3 4CallaBunny
Haha, I love your story so far. I like Jay's POV the best, though.
11/23/2006 c3 Adurna
Is Scott gonna be an important character?
11/22/2006 c3 pinkrose0724
oh my goodness... that was great! i love this story! and i understand about you finishing your other story first, so theres no rush! but just make sure you do get to this soon though! :D well lets see, i like charlie and austin together but also charlie and jimmy, are they even together? and that girl in the first chapter? is she going to come soon? i hope she was totally different from the impression i had of her... to me she looked i little spoiled! but well anyways great story and finish your other one so you could get to this! lol! happy turkey!
11/15/2006 c3 5tearitrightup
hun? muffler shop? what's that?
11/12/2006 c3 5BeingMyself
Well this story sure is interesting as hell. I like it so far.
11/10/2006 c3 35crazyhelga
Haha... poor Scott... I feel so bad for his All-American White Boy self getting lost in the ghetto. And Lola... wow... haha... that's about all I can say! Jay, however, is super-de-duperly sexy! Hairy boys are over rated. Anywhoo... I'm super sad that this is going on hold. I'll miss it every day until it comes back. 'Til later...

Stacey ~ Crazyhelga
11/9/2006 c3 9Bleeding Air
ugh. okay. i love this story. i'm sad you're putting it on hold for the while. i'm liking it more than when jocks retaliate, and i don't know why. (i put when rocks retaliate at first... ehhehee)

jay's got to be one of the best characters ever created. i love him to pieces. and he's so funny. and he's not hairy! hairy boys gross me out. -peace-

i like charlie better in this chapter. she's all angsty, but that's understandable. and i like jimmy. he's pretty spoofy.

scott. haha. he's adorable.

k this chap rocked every fibre in my socks.

i'm betting something happens to charlie to get back at jay. especially with the suspicious car at the end of the 2nd chapter, and how jay always checks on her to make sure she's okay.

11/8/2006 c3 la mocha
Aww, Scott sounds so cute. Like a little puppy that's wandered into a cage of big, scary bulldogs.

"He ambled back into his bedroom where he pulled clothes out of drawers to dress and call Pamela back on time, all the while he tried remembering who Catelli was again and what Jay might have sold him." I read this twice before I realised that Jay referred to himself as Jay in his thoughts. You might want to go back and fix that.

Don. Don. Haha. I jsut saw an Indie movie called Don yesterday. Don sounds interesting anway. Will we get to see him in person?
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