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11/26/2007 c78 2StarSplit144
Ophelia - slightly obscure name *image of Kate Winslet* So Larki is being found, and I love Okin's approach to problems. Kick things, or shoot them. The mark of true advanced technology. Lex is, as always, awesome. Keep them coming, as always.

11/19/2007 c77 StarSplit144
Lex's battles scenes are awesome. Zean is going to freak out when he figures out that she's flying, isn't he? Great chapter as always.

11/14/2007 c76 StarSplit144
Good chapter as always. I loved the Lex parts. And do the ships in any way resemble Vipers, because they way they are described, it sounds like they fly properly - not as if they were in atmosphere - like in BSG. Anyways, update soon, as always.

11/14/2007 c75 StarSplit144
So is Zean going to come and pull a brilliant idea out of his ass? Save the world? Great chapter as always - much more interesting than Chemistry lecture.

11/5/2007 c74 StarSplit144
Lex had better not die. I will be very put out if she does. Battles are always fun, so good chapter. Update soon.

11/3/2007 c73 StarSplit144
DELLIE DELLIE DELLIE! So assuming my assumption is right, she gave them slightly off coordinates. Good. Lex and Zean great as always.

10/29/2007 c72 StarSplit144
Nice chapter. Battle simulations are always fun. I was definitely waiting for that to be an Ender's Game moment though. Ah well, guess I can't be right all the time.

10/24/2007 c71 StarSplit144
SIBLINGS! HAH! Sibling interactions can be ever so amusing. And massive space stations are always fun too. Keep the chapters coming.

10/17/2007 c70 StarSplit144
Looking like I might be right about Dellie. Unless she's a red herring. Everything coming to a head. Good chapter, as always.

10/16/2007 c1 General Gau
Good read, much better then most on this site.
10/12/2007 c69 StarSplit144
"Officer on deck!" *pictures Starbuck yelling at nuggets* Update soon. It's getting really awesome.

10/12/2007 c68 StarSplit144
Nice chapter as always...everything coming to a head now? Sorry it took so long to read. University and all that.

10/9/2007 c69 AllanHollow
I've read, and I'm reviewing! :) I hope I'm the 100th reviewer. That'd make my day...

O...Larki was in the service tunnels the whole time. It seemed otherwise. Poor Larki. He has a rough time of things. I want to give him a big hug.

9/21/2007 c1 1soojinyeh
oh fuck, you put a lot of effort into this legend. love it. Read and review me please.
9/21/2007 c67 2StarSplit144
But we are finally getting close to the answer! Of who is the spy! So I can see if I was ever right (even though I have made about 30 guesses) But right now I'm putting my money on Dellie. So I hope you figure out where you are going with this soon so that you can keep writing.

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