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8/22/2007 c30 watchdog
Sorry I havent reviewed earlyer but I can not login from a government computer. I am only up to ch 30 but I am realy enjoying the story. I look forward to reading the rest of the story. Keep up the good work.
8/19/2007 c66 2StarSplit144
So the spy is whoever was talking to Larki is my idea. Unless it is somehow Larki...I am going to be very very irked if it is Lex or Olly...well it'll be good, and very unexpected, but sad. Keep 'em coming.

8/14/2007 c65 StarSplit144
Wow! Two updates in like threeish days! Amazing! For some reason I am going to keep picturing Dellie as BSG's Dee, which makes her and Olly quite hilarious, since Olly is like huge. So I'm going to believe Okin and Axe's conversation, and say that I was right about Axe. And why do I feel that the detachable bridge is going to cause some slight problems to the marvelously laid assisination? Keep updating.

8/11/2007 c64 StarSplit144
Isn't that always how it happens? The more time you have, the less work you do. It is incredibly irritating. But, hey at least you did update. So, um, Okin is not the actual spy is my prediction. Keep writing.

7/22/2007 c63 AllanHollow
No! Larki can't die! Wow...a lot of people are getting kicked in the balls lately. Update soon!
7/12/2007 c8 5ChaosRequiem
Hey, this is a great story, familiar but not too stereotypical, easy to read but not simple. The plot moves quickly and fluidly, and the characters all have their places without being completely cliched. I love it, and can't wait to get the chance to read more.
7/9/2007 c63 2StarSplit144
Ew. I hate writers block. It is an evil thing. Did Larki get his hands on a gun? Because unless Phsycics have healing abilities too, I don't think he would serve any purpose dead. Slow updates aren't the end of the world. At least you do update, and give me something to read.

6/26/2007 c62 StarSplit144
Trying to be canadian eh? Good chapter, it's good to get the story behind the rebellion, although I'm still way to suspicious of everyone to trust anyone. Stupid hyperdermic needles ruining good brawls. Keep them coming whenever you can.

6/26/2007 c62 AllanHollow
Lovin' it! I liked the part with comparing Olly's brain at times with that of a chipmunk. Unfortunately, I can relate. My best friend says that to me all the time. (Only it's a squirrel in my case. We're weird anyway.) Poor Larki...run boy! Run!

Keep on going!

6/16/2007 c61 StarSplit144
You're done school? Lucky. I've still got exam week next week...or this week, whatever you want to call it. Nope, main character interaction is fun. And please don't tell me that Zean is the source! I don't think I've guessed him yet. But the eye thing is weird. And creeping me out a bit. So either he's the source, or a phsycic. Have you given enough hints to figure out who the source is yet? Anyways, good chapter as always.

5/31/2007 c60 StarSplit144
Wonderful. More reading material. More reason not to do my english summative. SABOTAGE! Still suspecting Dellie for no apparent reason. Random question, have you even seen the new Battlestar Galactica? Because I keep picturing Dellie as one of the characters in that show.
5/30/2007 c59 StarSplit144
No problem. Its fun to have something to read. And updating lots is very good. So the source in the rebel fleet? Do we find out soon? Waiting for more updates.

5/30/2007 c58 StarSplit144
Well it'll be all the better when it finally happens then. :D

5/30/2007 c58 AllanHollow
So many updates...it gives me something to do after teaching little kids kenpo karate all morning...very entertaining. I bet that Marcus or someone like that is the spy. Marcus has that vibe goin' on. Of course, it could be someone totally unexpected. Like Dellie or Aaron. Maybe even Larki. (I hope it's not him though...he's one of my top fav. characters.)

Thanks for all the new chapters! -J.A.
5/23/2007 c57 StarSplit144
I wanna hear how Lex did in the fight! You're having a nice little writing spree, lots of updates. I'm liking it.

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