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for Sun or Moon or Stars

10/7/2006 c1 41sarah1491
WOW. Wonderful! I love the vocabulary choice. It sounds like old english in a sense and it is very interesting. I love the decision you made to add in dialogue. Very very nice. :)

9/11/2006 c1 13Shadowhound
Interesting poem. I like the call and response you work into it. Very well done.

9/8/2006 c1 8Written
this is actually really cool. very different, but I enjoyed reading it. lovely. faving.
9/8/2006 c1 11Wolfie Star26
You sure you aren't Shakespeare's reincarnation? I mean come on, for a moment there it sounded like something Shakespeare would write. Never been much of a fan for shakespeare though.

But it was cute, though I doubt that's what you were going for. It was fantastic. I was going to use majestic, but then realized I didn't know quite what that meant. Keep up the wonderful work and I shall always continue to review.

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