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for I Love Her, Really

9/25/2007 c1 5YoungInside
Powerful piece.

This is a good one.

Could be a little more descriptive but I think it's fine now. =)
9/12/2007 c1 3abridgedone
This is beautiful in one of those heart-wrenching ways. You have beautiful wording and a gentle flow. I always love pieces like this; they're not quite stories, but more like an excerpt from a greater novel that one longs to read.

You portray the helplessness and longing to help quite well.

Kudos. :)
7/25/2007 c1 150SpawnMeister666
I think this could work as a prelude to a bigger piece, maybe something explaining the relationship between the narrator and the girl, how they met, how their relationship developed, and how it ended...

9/10/2006 c1 8Pryor
Oh, that's really sad. Sad, but hauntingly beautiful. I love how much wonder you put into the girl, it's so intriguing. You have an awesome way with words. Keep it up!

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