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9/27/2006 c3 4Lindsay Marie
Hey, I really love this story so far! I'm sure that debate must have taken a lot of thought. Well, I hope you update soon. I can't wait to see what happens!
9/27/2006 c3 elizabeth73
Oh, I like this story! Maddie is spunky and flawed. I love that. She isn't some pretty perfect princess. I love that she hangs out with guys, but still has a womanly way about her. And the interaction between Maddie and Ben is great. I can't wait to see how he will pursue her in secret, so the guys don't find out. Great writing!
9/19/2006 c2 2Crystal109
Oh wow, yeah, I have to admit that this is definitely getting all spiced up! The old one was maybe not as spicy, but it was interesting all the same, you know. =) I know it's probably a really cliche plot, but I always love this kind of plot, so...who cares? As long as the two main characters are stuffed into the most uncomfortable positions possible, everything is fine. The only thing I found unusual is that Josh doesn't appear to know Maddie as well as he should have for a best friend. Maybe it's because the atmosphere has already changed because of Sandra, but...yeah. I dunno, they fight all the time without resolving their fights - and, okay, this chapter's fight was somewhat resolved. So maybe I don't have much of a case, haha. But that's the vibe I got, and I thought I'd just give you a head up. BUT besides that, everything is PERFECT. I loved the meeting between Maddie and Ben, the hickey part (I'm strange), and the Goldie stuff was pretty cute. I can't wait for them to be all ALONE together (hint hint, haha)! Okay somewhat long review, sorry. Awesome update, hope you update soon because man, this is getting really interesting. =)
9/18/2006 c2 brunettefrenchgirl
I love it already... my day was awful but i just read your story et hop! i'm happy! that's good lol
9/17/2006 c2 15Jessie L. Star - AKA star123
Eek, character influx! I think it might take me a while to get all the characters straight but I really liked how seamlessly they were all integrated into the story. As in you didn't have to stop the story for a sec and explain everyone individually, it just flowed.

I had a great image of the flat they share together and all the sexual tension that must have been flying around before Naomi confronted Preston! It must have been seriously charged what with the four of them all into each other (well except Josh perhaps)!

As for your FAQ, I don't think I have ever read a story with a similiar plot to this one...I guess I must be out of the loop! Oh I suppose I've read one where they get married but that is hardly the same thing. Nope, for me this is refreshingly different. A more mature story then a lot of the ones kicking around and I hope to read more soon.

9/17/2006 c2 1DuchessYappingDog
That's so funny. Ugh. Please, just once, don't make the best friend fall in love with her. It's too... too aghghghh. But I know it'd be boring if the best friend didn't up falling for her. Ugh. Or maybe it wouldn't. I don't think I've seen it happen before.
9/17/2006 c2 elaine
WOW WOW WOW seriously.you had me cracking up on the last part. Kudos.
9/17/2006 c2 1vanillaxO
I really like it;keep writing!
9/13/2006 c1 31emptyword
Interesting. I know I'm going to read it if you'll continue it. It's not the most unique of ideas, quite overdone actually, but I trust your writing. Look forward to more!
9/13/2006 c1 15Jessie L. Star - AKA star123
“Please tell me that guy you were dancing with wasn’t your boyfriend,” a deep voice murmured in my ear.Ahh, seriously hot!

I loved this first chapter and I'm totally stoked that you're writing again. The idea for this story is fantastic, I found that my thoughts strayed back to it throughout the day as I wondered how they are going to meet up again.

It's fantastic that Madison decided that he was badly dressed and was too much a pretty boy. First impressions in life aren't the be all and end all. Still, I'm getting ahead of myself, for all I know Madison hates his looks all the way through the story and gets with Josh instead (although I kind of hope not!)

Anyway, just to repeat, I really enjoyed the first chapter and I'm looking forward to the next one.
9/12/2006 c1 1DuchessYappingDog
Oh. I can't wait to see the rest of this! I seem to like these stories. I wonder what her best friend is like.
9/12/2006 c1 Jenny
I like it so far!
9/12/2006 c1 books4me
Nice so far. :)

Keep up the good work,

9/12/2006 c1 2Crystal109
Wow! One night stands! Always very much of the interesting for plots! =) I did rather like your last attempt, but I do think that this time will be a lot more interesting. Heh. I hope you won't make Josh out to be a total asshole, though, because that would make me very sad. Ish. Because he's not the love interest, right? Yay I hope you update soon so I can get more of this one night stand guy! =)
9/12/2006 c1 9IrishTea
The plot has definitely been done many times before, but it's cute and funny, so i hope you update soon!
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