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for Everything To Lose

1/23/2010 c9 4Lindsay Marie
Hey! I was happy to see that you updated. It's been forever, but I remembered really liking this story. I don't really come on here anymore, but I wanted to check out the new chapter. I really enjoyed it! It was about time for her to hear some tough love. Congrats on sticking with the story!
12/27/2009 c8 ponponcake
OMG i love this story! She's kind of a bitch but still...can't wait to see...er, read...what happens next! Just wondering, are you planning to finish this story?
10/19/2009 c8 PJC Macall
9/29/2009 c8 Dead Deactivated
KILL HIM! :O! I HATE DONOVAN RAWRWRW! Wtf is wron with Josh :O! -.-' Great story and cahrecters but they are so STupid :D
9/19/2009 c8 sara
hey, please update soon.

i cant get enough of this story!

9/19/2009 c8 buzzy
please update i hope u do cuz its been a long time. even if u want to end it suddenly just dont leave yr readers hanging! i just hope u update sumtime soon.
7/9/2009 c8 10Sabreal
yay! breaking into Ben's appartment time! Whoo! i LOVE that time of day!

I laughed when Ben called Maddie out on her bluff-any other guy would be running around like a headless chicken-but hey, Ben seems smarter by the minute. I knew we had a smart fellow on our hands the moment he argued back a few chapters ago about "surrogate mothers" or something of the sort.

whoo! hope you update sometime in the future anyweiss.

cool story

7/9/2009 c7 Sabreal
wow, a revengeful Ben equals a sexy Ben...

whatever on earth happened to the sweet loveable fellow with an overwhelming desire to please Maddie in chapter 1?

But let me tell you, I prefer this Ben SO much more. The one who would use the dirtiest tricks in the book for leverage and willing to manupliate Maddie any which way he wants.

I love it!

7/9/2009 c6 Sabreal
ooh...does the end of this chapter hint a second-night-stand? rofl. see what i did there? first night stand-second night stand-


never mind. my humors a bit twisted^^

lovely chap. (ter)
7/9/2009 c5 Sabreal
good development of characters..

am especially glad that ben wasn't portrayed as a nicey-nicey character but instead a person willing to stoop low and dirty^^ yea, my kinda man, lol.

enjoying this a lot!

7/9/2009 c3 Sabreal
Wow...Goldie would be a perfect name for a golden retriever...

wait, that was totally random #

as usual :) lets go back to reading, shall we? well, ok SHALL I...jeez.

loving it

7/9/2009 c1 Sabreal

i love these stories that start off with a one-night-stand.

It just begs to belief^^
5/6/2009 c8 21rosieroo
wow, this story is amazing! i really like the competition, and i cant wait to find out what soo ming finds out!
3/21/2009 c8 charm en route
It's kind of sad that you haven't updated in so long. I find Maddie and Ben's chemistry very real and fun, and yeah. Haha.
1/24/2009 c8 coolbeanie
I'm totally hooked on this story! It's great! I can't wait for more!
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