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for The Requiem Song of the Treason'd Poet

4/16/2007 c1 Silence the Storm
Beautiful work. You have such a lovely vocabulary, I've noticed that in all of your pieces, you do the English language proud with the words you choose to use in your works. I like this poem in particular, I think it has a haunting feel to it, very emotional. I loved the first and third lines of this poem as I think they are prime examples of how well you seem to be able to manipulate language: 'This is the requiem of the treason’d poet' - What a beautiful start! - and 'This is the dirge of the doleful lover' - again, such lovely words used. This piece has excellent flow and beautiful rhyming that never felt forced, even though when examined it was only very simple rhyming. Great work. I'd love to express my thoughts a little better here, but I'm afraid not all of us have the gift with words that you seem to! Keep it up.
9/18/2006 c1 63silentscreamer07
Wow...really...*wow* This is fantastic! I love your flow, the rhyming you were able to accomplish perfectly, it didn't seem forced, at all, and it didn't distract from the actual meaning of the poem. Awesome job! That is hard to accomplish (at least, for me it is) But, I loved the word choices you used. Such as "morrow" and "requiem" and a few others.

Great message behind this too. It's angsty yet sweet in an angsty kind of way. If that makes sense? :D Anyways, fantastic job! Keep up the great work!


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