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for Upon the Rock

3/11/2007 c1 jennilyn.rose
Wow, again. You always have a way with the word choice, making wonderful images. Definitely a fun read.
10/24/2006 c1 588Setsuna529
Great imagery. I like how you personified the storm, made it into a living entity, a frightening beast. The last line (I now know why our house is built / Upon the Rock.) nearly made me laugh... since the speaker envied those who lived on the beach, until they got 'devoured' by the storm. It's kind of like, "Oh... I'm glad I like on this rock, then." Anyway, wonderful writing!
10/22/2006 c1 102InkandIntrospection
Chilling and intriguing. I enjoy the statement you make about society; the happy ones are often the most naive and unprotected, the unsatisfied the safest.

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