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10/20/2006 c1 A Disturbing Fancy
"Say the most in the fewest words" is the motto of the good essayist, and in some cases, prosaic and poetic writers as well. In your case, that motto has worked very well here. This poem is so simple yet so keen, that I think you could translate it into any number of languages, and it would not lose its edge. Well done.
10/20/2006 c1 x account closed x
the spanish, yeah it flew over my head :)

but i liked it :)

a whole bunch lol :)
9/18/2006 c1 tesa131313
this is an okay poem overall. i'm guessing you don't really speak spanish but it's pretty good for someone who is trying to learn

btw god in spanish is dios

review me back (i have a poem partly in spanish that you might want to try and translate)

i'll go review another poem okay?

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