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6/12/2011 c4 3Killer Marmalade
This is pretty good... I like it.

My only issue with this is that you overuse 'replied' and sometimes use it incorrectly. 'replied' is used in the place of 'asked', but you sometimes use it in the place of 'said', which is no the correct use of the word. You could easily prevent mistakes such as these by getting a beta reader, or double checking the meanings of words in a dictionary (www.dictionary.reference.com is very useful for this.) If you want alternative words to prevent repeating some (eg. Replied, said, asked) too often then the theasaurus branch of the site I mentioned may also be useful to you.

Don't be disheartened by this - it's a minor error but does detract from the reading experience so I wanted to ensure you were aware of it.

Otherwise I am enjoying your story so far :)
5/3/2008 c24 19Fictatiousrambler
OMG please please finish this story!
4/6/2008 c24 4AspenWhite
I would like you too finish it! It's good!
1/27/2008 c24 knits alot
I'd like you to finish it. I don't know about anyone else, but I need closure.
1/1/2008 c22 yayawhynot89
AH OMG! Lol More please?
12/1/2007 c24 2fallenangel1111
you should definintely continue this story its really good.
12/1/2007 c24 letthelovebe
I'll haunt you if you don't continue the story :P

Love the story; don't stop~
11/30/2007 c24 sasuke-naruto-forever
Please finish it!
11/30/2007 c24 bambi4real
I've been reading and would like to see this completed.
11/30/2007 c24 Iizolda
I want you to update! Please:)
11/29/2007 c24 1Liisha2theMoon
I would LOVE for you to finish it. :] It makes me smile... a lot. It woul be great to finally see how it ends.

ILY x3

11/29/2007 c24 13dolly-dear
*Shyly raises hand* I would like you to continue and hopefully finish. Please?

And well, Yeah. I noticed you used um, my suggestion for the summary. So like, I feel special now. =)

And I really really would like to see this finished.
9/9/2007 c22 1DRAGONFIRE04
PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I like to see what happen to him.
9/9/2007 c22 1Liisha2theMoon
Hey! It's great to have you back! OMG. I COULD PUNCH JULIAN IN THE FACE. Wyatt too. -freaks out on the floor- Cliff Hanger much? I'm scared now... I'll live in fear until Wyatt is safe at home... or Julian's home. -sighs dramaticaly- Anyway, it's great to get more story! I've been waiting, :3 Ja!
9/6/2007 c19 1starcrossedlover01
awsome story. but you don't explain things properly. you repeat A LOT and don't use the right grammer, but it's still a good story! i give it a 6 out of ten. and i'm a very critical person too. i'm not done yet, but i hope i will be soon!

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