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5/23/2010 c1 eiyuang999
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5/13/2007 c1 1Emeline67
cool, love this story...cant wait to know the ending. Ill go check out some of ur others too...hope theyre this gd.
3/17/2007 c5 Joker is Poker with a J
OMG! I love this chapter! its frigety awesum! So, yeah i couldn't review earlier cuz my computer wont let me go to fiction press :( makes me sad. but now i can sleep, and mthy heart is at peace. thank you Fair Lady! ((does extravagant bow)) O yeah HAPPY SAINT PATTY'S DAY!
3/16/2007 c5 FindingADream
Whoops...yeah I think I got cut off too...anyway I was going to say (before I got so rudely cut off) that I loovee this story...it's soo funly random...and being funly random myself I loovee this story...as I already said...
3/13/2007 c2 15shadowcat86
I just thought of something!

I'm going to advertise this story.

Also, can you do the word association for me?

My name is Faith.

I already did it for my friends Michelle (Fizzy) and Amanda (Rose). I'm working on ALL of my friends' names!
3/13/2007 c5 shadowcat86



me bored now... have serious fic! MUST TRY UPDATE!
3/12/2007 c5 32XxParalaixX
Omelet? :P I like it :P

I was all hyper after my study skills thing at school and since, late at night, nothing pleases me more than listening to music at full blast, I decided to take their advice and do homework listening to classical music. So I looked up classical music on Limewire (if you don't know, don't ask) and found Paganini :P

I am half Irish but I have family in Australia, Ireland, America, Canada, England and Holland :P My Grandma's the only one left in Ireland. When they were old enough, all mum's siblings left the country (except the two that died as children- they would be considerably harder to move overseas...)- Mum came to Australia, Uncle David went to Canada and Aunty Avril went to England. :P

On the subject of hair, me and my friend -now officially dubbed: Raspberries (Georgia, Georgie, Georgie Pordgie (remember the nursery rhyme? Georgie Pordgie, pudding and pie...), Pudding, Pie, Raspberry Pie, Raspberries)- were debating my hair colour in RE, while fiddling with our pencilcases and totally not watching the boring documentary we were watching on the bible... then Raspberries got this evil glint in her eye and we got out our scissors and started playing swords then after a while she snips a bit of my hair as a joke, and I cut a bigger bit of hers, and she cut an even bigger bit of mine and Joycie-gator is dodging the flying hair and squealing... then the teacher confiscated our scissors and Raspberries just goes "hey! You're /right/! It /is/ blonde!" and I'm like "ya think?" and now I've got this random, half-fringe. lololol. My friend Peanuts cracked up so hard when I unclipped in for her in art. Good thing I always carry extra clips for emergencies :P My hair is rather unruly...

Sorry for rambling, I'm avoiding homework! :P

3/11/2007 c1 FindingADream
hahahah I
3/10/2007 c4 XxParalaixX
You rock, Meg... hm! Lemme see if /I/ can do your awesome name thing (probs not, but hey, I'll try!) Megan, Meg, Peg, Peg Leg, Blackbeard, Pirate, Female Pirate, Anne Bonney, Bonny Lass, Lassie- YES! I SHALL CALL YE /LASSIE/! That took like five seconds and damn was it fun! I love your story, can't wait for more, okay? Cya Lassie!

3/10/2007 c3 XxParalaixX
Paganini was a classical composer, right? Sorry 'bout the randomness, I'm just so stoked that I knew that.
3/10/2007 c2 XxParalaixX
My hair is odd like that too, every few terms in maths we do the statistics topic over and over and no one can think of anything more exciting than grades and hair colours- and someone goes around the class "let's see... blah blah blah blah bah blah and becky, that's 7 with brown hair..." and I'm just like "excuse me, it's called /dirty blonde/, doofus"- I am quite proud of the fact that I am blonde with blue eyes. My eyes are odd too- half the time they're this weird steely grey and the rest they're like electric blue- it's way freaky. Especially when I cry though. I was talking about my dead great aunty to a teacher once, saying I couldn't be there for the drama production opening night because of her funeral being the same day and i started crying and I turned around and this one random girl -completely ignoring the fact that i was crying- goes "wow, bec, who knew your eyes were so blue!" lol, sorry for going on a bit- I love your story its so funny!


P.S. Could you do the name association thing for me too? :P It's Becky... but I get called Bacon :P Not because I'm fat, I actually have a freakishly fast metabollism. I think it's payback from my friends Parasite and Sumo... yeah, Sumo /doesn't/ have a fast metabolism :P Jokes, that's mean, but still. Anyhow, sorry about the randomness- just do Becky, lol :P
3/10/2007 c1 XxParalaixX
Au Claire de la Lune... that's a song right? If memory serves that was the... *counts on fingers* /fourth/ song I ever played on the violin, right after Hot Cross Buns, Mary Had a Little Lamb and a simplified version of Can Can :P
3/9/2007 c4 12LittleOneOfDoom
I love this story! Porridge sounds like all of my friends mashed together into one... I can't wait to read more!
3/3/2007 c1 14Mel-Dog Moody
This story is brilliant! Sounds like something my friends and I would write. How did you come up with the word association thing? It's quite clever.
2/16/2007 c4 12Joker is Poker with a J
OMG! You must update soon! PLEASE? I'm a really random person but Porridge is ten billion times better! I absolutely love this story. PLEASE UPDATE? Can u give me a nickname too? My name's Emily :) I love the weird word association thingy...sigh...im so bored with out this entertaining story. I dont care for banana waffles either :p Update soon, pwetty pwetty please with cheese noodles and onions ontop! (yuck! lol)!


Joker is Poker with a J~
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