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for zerlina jumped over a Star

9/26/2009 c1 Halcyon Impulsion
I love the cadence to this! My favorite is:

Brigades of laughing buildings gather

As she escapes the yielding batter

Walking slow when heart beats shorten

The praise in question is never certain
4/8/2007 c1 genta
cheesee, i really love this poem
12/2/2006 c1 genta
This is so pretty.

I think I'm going to read your stuffs tomorrow instead of doing Bio. homework.

Maybe I'll even open a fictionpress account-one more step to world domination! Mwhahah.

I mean...
i love it! it reminds me of a friend from once upon a time... hmm.. you might of sparked something there..
9/27/2006 c1 47Katy Llewellyn
i like this. the lines about "birgades if laughiing building gather" are my favourite. your totally random comment giver,katylew
9/25/2006 c1 2Casey Drake
...I kinda like it.

:) CD
9/24/2006 c1 879Moondog Dozier
Wonderful motion and atmosphere to this. I like the off rhyme and halted rhytmn of this work. Very visual, and haunting in a way. Well written.
9/24/2006 c1 18Sir Scott
Stars do capture the imagination. Great poem.

Wishing You Good Health And Plenty Of Wealth, ~SirScott~
9/24/2006 c1 34theoretically beautiful
I love the rhyming, especially in the first stanza. The only thing I have to say is that I a bit confused; i dont understand how the title and the poem relate to eachother. (I am probably the only person on fp who doesnt understand the title anyway) so once again another brilliant creation from trash_can_art. keep it coming.
9/24/2006 c1 17DarthKader
Trash can art, you are one of my favorite people on earth, this only proves how sweet and talented you truly are...Zerlina is awesome too. That was well worth reading, thanks for making my day.

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