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1/9/2012 c1 True Talker
This is written really well and I like the compassion you have shown in your ending comment. Seriously.
8/29/2009 c1 5Vanessa Ann Right
I honestly can't think of what to say. I love this, it made me completely speechless, almost to the point of tears. I also give my heart out to all people, not only children, who have been sexually abused or anything of that sort. Thank you for writing this... I needed it.

Also, if you would review my book/writing whatever you want to call it called the Concealed, it would mean a lot.
1/30/2008 c1 17Dusk Has Fallen
This is a very strong poem. I think you've captured the mood perfectly. My favorite line is A child's ignorance/ torn from her heart, because children really should be ignorant about some things right?
10/10/2006 c1 6Another Pen in the Pod
Thanks for the review. I didn't mind your rambling at all. And I'm sorry it took so long to return the favour, it was my birthday and thanksgiving, and now I'm rambling, so I'll get on to the review.

I really liked this one. It was very real and stood out a lot. The fact that I knew immedietly what you were talking about was awesome. My favorite lines were: "Acid tears burns her fleshas her mother screams death." - they really seemed to make give it more impact.
10/8/2006 c1 82Isabella22
Hey Britney! Good poem! Glad to see you're writing more! I love how you can put a tragedy from someone's life into such a beautiful poem!

Thanks for reviewing my poem! Hope you keep reading them!

10/7/2006 c1 88Icthoid Matro Coselos
This is really good! I like the way you made it build. Good point... so sad it has to be made. keep writing, you're an awesome poet.
10/3/2006 c1 58Marionette Dancer
wow, britt, that was amazing...loved it.i think the best part was the last 4 lines, it kind of just made me think that, yeah, you can get sextually harassed when you are younger, and it's a nightmare that really blurs a lot of your life after it happens. but when its sexual harassment, a lot of the time it isnt commited by someone you trust...i mean, yea it can be...but when you're older, high school and such...you see that the lust is in every guy, and even your most trusted male friends are after one thing...you conveyed a lot through this, and it had a lot of significance to me... very good. e and thanx for the review.i would tell you the 23 days thing, but i dont have your email!mines on my page so send me a message!

10/3/2006 c1 LoveAlways05
It give me chills...I like the last 3 lines..Man's evil lust,gets worse,making her nightmares, more than a curse. Awsome Job
10/2/2006 c1 115Random-Idiocity
Hey, awesome poem ... It is rather sad what can change a persons life.I like the line ''Acid tears burns her flesh'' Hopefully I will have something to post soon but at least you posted one. Keep it Up!
9/28/2006 c1 41Neurotic Consciousness
Good poem about child abuse. I like the lines "A child's ignorance torn from her heart." Generally, we think of ignorance as bad, but in this sense you portray it as something good. Also like the brutality of said line. Good job.
9/27/2006 c1 121CrazyTurtles
Good meaning. I think people are completely disgusting when they do things like that. Good poem.
9/27/2006 c1 5Tambreo
I love this poem one moment and I hate it the next. But that is right, because all truths in this world are like that. It is very /intense/. There is a lot of movement going on within the lines, and I like how you did that with your word choices.

It has a pyramid effect as well- the message becoming clearer and clearer as you read.

Nice job with this poem, and thanks for reviewing my Unsung Heroes.
9/27/2006 c1 112i.am.the.winter
powerful poem...nice job.

- i.am.the.winter
9/27/2006 c1 Eloquent-Marionette
Oh my bob, britney! so sad, so sad! (but you know I specialize in those types of poems) but this is so true! I'm sure sexual harassment occurs more than we know and its such a sad reality! I love the lines where you say "man's evil lust, gets worse, making her nightmares, more than a curse" That was really creative. I'm glad you touched on such a "touchy" subject. not many people are comfortable writing or talking about something thats so sad yet so common. And, people really need to appreciate the dangers. I really love this poem brit! and, I’m so glad you posted it! Keep writing forever and always! Oh, yeah, do you know about the whole Leila coming down to visit thing? Last I heard they were still planning to go. I dunno, Leila told me to save for a plane ticket. I dunno if she was serious or not! (*nervous look*) ?_? Anywho, I guess I should probably talk to you more through email about it. Well, keep writing forev-well, you know the rest! Miss ya and love ya lots! Hope to see you soon, love! (*hugs*)

Luv always,~Davida
9/27/2006 c1 81Princess-anna57
Wow, this is really well written darling! :( It's really sad, and I could just feel so much. Thanks for sharing, and keep writing!

~Anna~ ^_^
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