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11/13/2006 c2 YuLian
Hey, another great story from a great author! ^^ Me crazy... Anyways, love the idea! Cya!

11/1/2006 c2 3hopeless-flame
o~ interesting. mystery-romance. i love it. please post up next chapter ASAP =)
10/26/2006 c2 92q is for quirks
wow... i like it! i really like the whole idea of these random meetings, and how everything is just so... so... i don't know the right word for it! but whatever you're doing, it's really good, so keep doing it! and great characters, they're really believable. nice story so far!
10/24/2006 c2 9dancingqueen927
I like it. Love at first sight...*sigh*
10/19/2006 c2 3cheimpo17
Hey great story. Very unique way of writing. It makes it easier to understand both of their views. Update soon please =)
10/19/2006 c1 unique1girl
I love it! A very exciting idea!
10/19/2006 c2 23Unwritten Answers
i liked this chapter a lot. okay imma not so high now (hehe) but still i was waiting for this to come out(: i love the 'love at first sight' kinda scenario. can't wait for your next update.
10/4/2006 c1 Unwritten Answers
haha, i like where this is going. i wanna see more! lala. lol. this is good, really. haha.

sorry. i'm on a high now. thanks for reviewing my work, by the way. :)
9/28/2006 c1 9dancingqueen927
Ah, what's better for a story than forbidden love? It's interesting so far, I can't wait to see what happens. I'll keep reading when you get the next chapter out!

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