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1/8 c1 j
Hello! I'm a longtime reader (I have both your books on kindle!) and I just wanted to wish you well! I used to follow you on twitter and enjoyed the writings you posted on there, though I kind of gave up twitter when it changed. But I think you were one of my favorite writers I followed. I don't know if you still check this or emails from this website (I know I don't remember my login anymore) but I just wanted to write to say I hope you're still doing okay, what with Covid and everything. And a really belated congrats on graduating! And I guess on publishing two books! As someone who's accomplished one of those things and is working the other, that shit's hard! So you deserve a congrats, even if it's super duper late! And happy new year!
8/28/2021 c17 Guest
Hi! I'm the guest comment from last time, just wanted to thank you for posting a status update
7/24/2021 c17 Guest
Hi! I hope this is not too presumptuous, but if possible, could you drop another status update, either here or on your profile? I've been waiting for book 3 for quite some time and I'd like to know if there's still a project for it, even if maybe it won't be ready for quite some time yet. This story has been with me for several years and it's very dear to me, and I guess I'd like to know, though of course it's up to you.
Hope you're doing well!
10/23/2019 c17 1PsychosomaticReality
I loved this so much. Did not know it was part of a series but now im going to check out the other books.
7/15/2019 c17 Guest
I think it's been... eight years? since I found this story, I keep dropping by to check book 3 news (;)
I'll be cheering you on! (ノ。)ノ
7/13/2019 c16 HisDreamQueen
Great story now i want to see what happens. Going to have to buy the book :(
5/11/2019 c118 Random Guest
Hi! I don't want to be a bother, but was wondering if there was any new news on volume 3? I've been checking amazon for the past few months but only see the first two books.
3/6/2019 c1 Guest
Well I'm back ig. One of my friends briefly mentioned "that one story you binge read for like three days straight a few years back" and I immediately needed to reread. It's honestly still just as amazing as I remember it being.
10/30/2018 c118 3firestar6546
Just wanted to let you know that I've been following this story for forever and have bought the first two books on Amazon and am super excited to hear that the 3rd volume is coming out soon! If you do need someone to beta, I'd be glad to help. I just reread the first two books again today and did notice some typos here and there, so I would love to help you out with this book!
10/29/2018 c118 Guest
I would love to be a beta and help out if I can! My user on insta is Aceofdorks [
It's good to hear that you're doing okay! 3
6/13/2018 c118 Guest
"College is over! After WAY too many delays, Book 3 should be out by end of July/early August. Glad to finally be wrapping up this series!"

I don't have a twitter account so I'll just say it here: Congratulations! And this is awesome, I have been waiting to buy the third book for what feels like forever, I'm sure it'll be great!
4/13/2018 c118 Guest
Hello! Sorry to bother, I would like to know if there are any kind of news about book three?
4/10/2018 c118 Anne578
I'm soooooooooo happy about this update. Thanks! I feared, that the 3rd book would be an abondened project. I'm looking forward to reading it :)
10/27/2017 c118 Guest
I last checked on this story a while ago, mostly because I had resigned myself to never read the ending. Today I dropped by almost by chance and apparently I had missed some pretty important news.
I also skimmed the FAQs, so I'm already hoping for a sequel and making some space in the bookshelf because there's no way I'm gonna pass up a paperback edition of this.
Can't wait to buy it! Great job with this project, it's really amazing
8/19/2017 c118 Guest
Hope to see from you soon! Good luck on your studies w
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