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for Behind Locked Doors

10/5/2006 c1 1LadyBlackbird
Wow. I love the flow and the rhyme scheme. "Behind locked doors/lie words unsaid/promises broken/and tears unshed" That was my favorite part ^.^ The ending was sweet and a bit said and all too true. Keep writing.

x. Lady Blackbird .x
9/29/2006 c1 1Gil 3
I love this poem! It covers everything without having to dive into every subject. It was great!
9/29/2006 c1 17Unique1952
This poem flows really well. I like it a lot. Behind Locked Doors, I never thought about it but you made a lot of really good points. Again, good work with this.

~*~ Lil Dreamy Eyez ~*~
9/29/2006 c1 36Kittle
This is wonderful. I think this poem desribes something that most people have felt in sometime in their lives. :)

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