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for This One's for You, Dear Brother

3/2/2008 c1 18Filly and Phips
I like this peom, its quite powerfull but loving and dark.

My lil sis (year younger) has AS and goes to the miracle project(theater group for kids with autism).

It's hard on everyone...


Well I like it..

1/26/2007 c1 8Rozovian G
Looking back at having been (apparently inaccurately so) diagnosed with AS myself, this is kind'a creepy. On one hand, I recognize what you must have felt, or are feeling, on the other, I recognize something of the other side as well. In that sense, it's not a one-sided piece of writing.

It feels kind'a like the end of the line. As you're able to convey it, you're a decent (or better) poetry writer. On the other hand, it's quite sad that it has such a feel, seeing what it says.

The rythm or meter of it is beyond my understanding of poetry, but at least it's spaced up instead of crammed together in a solid chunk of text. It's both poetically and technically competently made.

As said in the other review, I don't reallt understand poetry more than to get a sense of the feel of a poem. Judging from that sense of a feel, this is a good, sad, piece of writing.
10/27/2006 c1 270dustytiger
wow this is really good, and it can apply to more situation then just "brother" like the title states, which is freaking awsome, it's a very angery but empowering peice of poetry, i really like it A LOT one thing tho where you have "heck" "Hell" would be a far better choice of words (stronger, better flow), it's being used in the right context and thus doesn't make it cuss so much proper terminology, other then i love the feel of this and the angery and sadness which resinates from it, good work keep it up, thank you for the review (sorry for the delay in the reciprication review) and thank you for sharing this wonderful peice of poetry
10/2/2006 c1 kellyandrichard
Typo:I can still remember when were

Powerful! I didn't know it was quite this bad...

Unfortunately the only thing I know about poetry is that it is good to evoke images in the reader's mind. You do this in some places but in not in others where it reads more like a letter.

Of course the bad feelings between you two will pass in about 4-5 years. Till then it is quite a shame though. He needs Jesus of course. I don't know if you know the story of your mother and me or not.

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