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for A Fickle Friend

12/30/2006 c1 44S.C.R.E.A.M.I.N.G
Once I give myself time to think about this and reread it, it really gets a message across. It's great, really. Just... all these lines put together make all of it into a poem that really... speaks to someone, almost. Even I know that that sounded cliche, but this piece just had that effect on me. And the shortness is great too, something that short may seem like it's rushed and doesn't all come together, only the short quality about this really worked in the poem's advantage. I'd give you a A for this piece if it were graded.

12/17/2006 c1 QueenJewels
I absolutely adore this. This is how I feel right now. Hope for happiness, but scared at the same time. It is breath-taking.
10/3/2006 c1 Crossing the Rubicon
Normally, I might think this is cliché, but there's something about it that is just different. The last line just... makes all the difference. It's good.

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