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8/20/2007 c2 magalina
uuh, no idea XD But if I find it I´ll let you know!
4/6/2007 c1 1234
Not sure if you ever found the story, but maybe this is it:

"Life and Liberty part I" by purpleatheist
3/31/2007 c1 Indicates
Ah, Puerto Rican, are ya? Well, I'm mexican. Anyway...

Thanks so much for your review. Actually, I already finished the story, but never got along to posting more of it because, well, I didn't get any reviews. Because of you, I will post more. Thanks very much.

PS: No, don't know that story. I can see why you liked mine, though:P

3/19/2007 c1 magalina
Hey, I`ll help you. I think I read that one. If you didn`t find it yet I can put it up in the next chapter of IP i post :) Let me know if you want me to.

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