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for Oranges and Lemons

10/18/2006 c1 89rira-chan
^^ hahaha yeah i know! and it's 9 pm here. ^_^ lols. so yeah i iked this poem very much. um...-.-; im not good t reveiwing at all so yeah. it was nicely written haha. ^_^;;

10/18/2006 c1 1C. M. Kerr
Cute, I liked it. Keep up the rockin' poetry :)
10/6/2006 c1 14xhaiiro
I love this; it's such an original idea.
10/6/2006 c1 Christybell
Yay for oranges and lemons!"Before it's too late and you goRotten."See, i got the reference. Its fruit... going rotten! WHOT.How much do I rock at analysing?Lots is the answer.
10/6/2006 c1 879Moondog Dozier
Very interesting and visual. Great concept. Well done.

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