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for Haiku Collection 2

10/9/2006 c1 9Sakura Taking
More haikus...yay! Hm...this gets me in the spirit of Halloween. Nice work.
10/9/2006 c3 109ADSpencer
Wonderful work on this collection! I especially like this third one. It's so rich and beautiful.
10/8/2006 c3 56felicia13
Ha! Well, it's still got a deeper meaning from when you asked about it, Katherine.

The rose is a vivid image in my head. Really. Lovely.


10/8/2006 c2 felicia13
Although "spooky" isn't a favorite word of mine, it's still a good haiku. THIS is why I don't like writing them. It always seems to me to come out a little awkward. Maybe it's just me ... but your middle line is a bit awkward. *shrugs* I don't know. It just doesn't flow well.

10/8/2006 c1 felicia13
Cute. Sometimes, amidst all this ... world-ness, one needs a cutesy poem. This works for me. Thanks for making me smile. ^^

On another note ... GO HAIKU COLLECTION! I, personally, am not fond of writing it, for a number of reasons. However, I AM willing to try. So ... I'll get back to you on that more later. Do you want me to ask friends?

10/8/2006 c3 41BearHeart
Nicely done. I find the word "braving" awkward. Maybe another word - "stalwart" or check your thesaurus. I think there are other words that would say what you mean better than "braving". I like the feel of this poem and your description is gorgeous. It brings the colours and feel of autumn to life with the movement of "brisk winds" and the contrast of "gently caress". Good work.
10/8/2006 c1 BearHeart
Nicely done. I do feel, however, the word "of" in the second line sticks out. Maybe "and" or "all" would work better. Personally, I like "all". Enjoyed the second one as well.

Thanks for your reviews of "What is Linguine?" and "The Uninvited Dinner Guest". Those are something different for me so I really appreciate your comments.
10/8/2006 c1 emergency room romantic
i apologize if i offended you in my poem 'dirty angels.' i am also a christian, but i am also at least bisexual, leaning towards girls, and after a lot of prejudice and cruelty from the church i have become just a bit bitter and angry. but i am only referring to the judgemental hypocrites in the poem - i apologize, again, if i offended you. i was only referring to a minority of the christian population. again, i am a christian myself.

thank you for your reviews - i really appreciate them. as for the poem, i love halloween, and the theme works well with this haiku. my only suggestion is to change 'of' to 'all' in the second line, since it sounds a bit awkward, but it won't change the rhythm. nicely done, though.
10/7/2006 c3 bipedalcooney
A very nice collection, I like the feel you've created with these. The second one was my favorite. Great work, keep writing, and thanks for your review.
10/7/2006 c1 91fairytale failure
These are kind of cute, and a little bit halloween creepy. The third poem is a bit different it doesn't seem to have the same sense of fun, instead maybe a bit sad. is it the one by a different author?
10/7/2006 c2 16brokendreams21
I really like the ending and the choice of punctuation here. Great job!
10/7/2006 c1 brokendreams21
Yay! I'm in the Hallowe'en spirit right now! Great job and thanks for posting my haiku! I really appreciate it! Good job!
10/7/2006 c3 41sarah1491
I love this poem katherine! :) Haha, I got a little into the Haloween theme in mine, so a break is nice. :)

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