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for Lost

11/7/2006 c1 92q is for quirks
Powerful and had a lot of emotion in it. I really like the repetition of "useless..." at the end. It was just a really sad poem, I thought, because it's true, to some degree. I also really liked the lines "I know I have potential, but I don't know how to release it/ How to make myself a better person/ Maybe even change someone's world/ (for a miniscule amount of time, if at all it matters in the end)" Those seemed to break the tone for just a moment, and that was good. Nice poem.
11/1/2006 c1 106Windup Hopping Lederhosen
I've felt this way a lot, especially within the past couple years, and I really can relate with this poem. Your style is unique; some people may find it annoying with the seemingly random uses of "useless..." but the can go screw themselves, I like it. You're very talented and if people tell you that you can't write or anything like that, tell them to jump off a bridge. It helps.

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