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3/14/2009 c1 29Ashley Hyperkins
This is by far the most beautiful poem I have EVER READ! You are a genius. I feel horrible that you had to go through losing a friend, and even though I have not gone through that, my best friend has. I am so glad that you took your feelings and wrote this because it is so true and the emotion is obvious in every line.
10/18/2006 c1 24caralita
oh, darling, you write so beautifully.

josh is smiling wherever he is to be blessed with such a person like you.

this made me cry. i'm not kidding.

stay strong
10/17/2006 c1 14ThisisWhereIComeIn
this is so sad... :( I don't know what I'd do if one of my friends died, I really don't. This is very good, though. Nice job :)

by the way, thanks for the reviews :D
10/7/2006 c1 2Dawn Castle
Wow.I just...I'm rather speechless.I cannot begin to comprehend what it's like to loose a friend but...Through your words, I felt the pain, the sadness, the feel of lose.Not all is happiness and laughter.We have to experience other things as well. Thank you for allowing me a taste of this bitter experience.I could go to say it will help me mature as a person.Keep writing. It's moving.

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