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2/9/2008 c1 1vanilla skyy
Beautiful and disturbing. Just the way I like it!

Are you still writing? I didn't see any recent updates.

Anyway, if you're still around, check out my short story (my first) about pedophilia — er, sort of - from the POV of the criminal.
4/7/2007 c1 96Pandakun84
wow, disturbing dosen't begin to sum this up and i loved every word of it! Very nice job on this!
10/25/2006 c1 4criceto-verde
wow. Your subject is controversial, but I have to admit that you captured the mindset well. Great work, and thank you for the review, and I'm sorry I took so long in returning it.
10/8/2006 c1 7sky.glow
Hahaha. I love you, Diana. Your poem is wonderful: seductive and illustrious, descriptive and real. But I still won't sleep with you.
10/8/2006 c1 7Marguerite Mayfair
I really love the amount of insight you've put into this. It paints a picture of a human mind when at some of the darkest points it can reach - and you did a beautiful job of description on top of it! Subjects like these are not always the easiest ones to write about, but you rendered it quite believable.

Keep up the good work - as strange as it may seem.
10/8/2006 c1 4A. J. Krautwurst
horrible! and i mean that in a complimentary way. you've completely captured what i imagine the mindset of someone who abuses children would be. this had me shuddering.

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