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5/5/2007 c1 Photobooth
Aw I wish you would continue/update this story. I love snowboarding! And this story. Hahahaha
4/28/2007 c4 ariadragon
hey i love this story i cant wait for more :)
1/28/2007 c4 frenchiepas
I love this story! You must write! More! More! More!

-Growl- If you dong I'll -insert empty threat here-.

I hope you got my point.


1/27/2007 c4 1Haylieboo
1/12/2007 c1 Katie
Great story you have going on. I really hope you continue it! =)
1/3/2007 c4 1decadebydecade
Okay not to sound really mean or anything (I'm really sorry if it does!) but when Leslie is rescuing Travis, Tristan and her are yelling on a mountain to each other...won't that cause an avalanche or something? (I don't know if that's a dumb question, but since she pretty much lives on the slopes I didn't think it fit if she almost causes an avalanche) Again really sorry if that sounded mean!

Anyways, its a really good beginning, I'm upset it ended where it did because the story is really just starting! Keep up the good work :)
12/8/2006 c4 19Sukidayo
Xander tells really bad jokes... but that's what makes 'em funny! Good chapter. I think you might be right about the school. It sort of is a little boring, but I know you'll pick it up in no time.
12/8/2006 c4 13xtotallyatpeacex
Hey, really like this story as well. Lol, you make Leslie's mother seem totally out of it lol. Anyways, hope you update this (and Vampires Never Hurt You) soon! :D
12/4/2006 c4 6Sweet Uncertainty
I've been meaning to review this for some time now...

I love your writing style. It's simple, yet quite entertaining.

I'm PSYCHED for chapter 5.
12/4/2006 c4 8walkinyourshadow
this is such a nice story, you should continue i'd like to know how it ended, its seem like it would end great by the way it started
11/25/2006 c4 stuge
when is she actually going to the school? anytime soon?
11/15/2006 c4 kimmy
hahaha xander's funny...haha that was a good one!

when you wrote that i bet my voice rang in your head


mmk...chap 14?
11/14/2006 c4 3bnTwilight
awesome story!
11/11/2006 c3 ckshorty
I would've said the same things to them :o) But that's just because I never get along with step people (or parents)/new boyfriends/girlfriends. I noticed you forgot a period somewhere in here , just incase you wanted to know.
11/11/2006 c1 ckshorty
A little too lazy to log in, but I like the first chapter. It was interesting to read a little into her background about her family and whatnot. I'll keep reading to see where this story goes. What evil people! Or person, actually. Sending people to a boarding school is just..wrong.
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