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1/25/2007 c43 3Black Temptation
OMG! That was so good! You can't end it there, I have to know what happens next! lol, oh my gosh, I absouletly love your story! I absoutely HAVE to know what happens next! It was an awesome story, I can't wait for more!

Much Love,

Black Temptation
1/24/2007 c43 Tuiki
I'd liek to bang Kera's head agaisnt the wall anyway, GET SOME SENSE KNOCKED INTO YOUR THINK HEADED SKULL...

(Yeah...had a little too much after homework ice-coffee)

1/24/2007 c43 Alenor
aw they like each other! hehehehe. can't wait for more to see what happens ~ Alenor.
1/24/2007 c43 2Stang65
I LIKE it. A lot of pleasant interactions between the characters. I liked the part where Kera fell off the rock and into Cyril's arms. So cute.
1/24/2007 c43 1A. L. Saveley
Aw, so cute how frustrated Cyril and Kera get...really good chapter, this one. ^^
1/23/2007 c42 Tuiki
Wow I can imagine Jana saying "I'll get the Nurse" It's so funny...

Awesome chapter Taraum. Update soon please!
1/23/2007 c42 2Stang65
Neat conversation between these five ladies. I especially liked the part about Andara kissing Phile. So cute! Kera's still trying to deny her feelings for Cyril... oh well, she'll come around.
1/23/2007 c41 Stang65
I liked this chapter a LOT! It had me laughing, especially when Andara came into the room through a different doorway than where Phile had put the mistletoe. I can just picture that in my mind. Hilarious.
1/23/2007 c40 Stang65
This is a good chapter. I like the part about Jana bringing the guards to keep Kera in the room. I like it that you are making Kera a little more in touch with her feminine side - the belt, the necklace, the dresses... Very cute. Keep up the good work.
1/23/2007 c42 Alenor
lol, hmm...caden's stew again ey? interesting. cya later ~ Alenor.
1/22/2007 c42 1A. L. Saveley
Oh no, not the stew! haha...oh well, at least things are better for Phile and Andara.

You wouldn't be the first to kill off a main character in a cruel and unusual way. lol
1/21/2007 c41 Tuiki
Funny how I knew that was going to happen. Please update! 8D

1/20/2007 c41 Alenor
heya, this is a great chappie! lol, mistletoe! cyril and kera are now gonna get a move on about FINALLY realising what they feel and expressing it i hope, lol. can't wait for more ~ Alenor.
1/20/2007 c41 A. L. Saveley
oh...haha I so saw that coming, the mistletoe idea was good foreshadowing. I like it. ^^ This chapter had a good bit of humor in it, which was enjoyable, considering how serious I'm sure the story will get later. Good work!

1/19/2007 c40 A. L. Saveley
Ah, I finally finished, so now I'm caught up. This is very very very good. I enjoyed it immensely, and can't wait for an update.
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