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10/23/2007 c82 Tuiki
Brava...for an odd reason this chapter seemed different. Maybe cause they are out of Keeli, I have not a clue...

All I can say is continue! I knew there was a reason to like Loeran...How is that pronounced?
10/12/2007 c81 Tuiki
I love you. =] (Figuritively..)

Um, eh-heh. Rindran is turning out to be a nice guy. [Insert Sarcasm]

10/12/2007 c81 1PurpleEyesOfTruth
Well, I'd see the noose, the pit in the ground, the guillotine, the execution block, or whatever if I were her. It sounds so much more inviting than being his wife. Yick. Well, interesxting job though it was kind of short.
10/1/2007 c80 2Stang65
I loved this chapter... very different. I hope that Kera can find some type of camaraderie with this guard dude - it may help her escape in the future. If she doesn't hurry though, she may be dead meat. Really HATE that Rindran dude... please kill him off. LOL

I also love that you've included the falcon in the hunt for Kera. That may prove useful if Cyril can recognize it in time. After all, he's a guy, even though he may be competent and sweet. ;)

Great job... keep it up.
9/28/2007 c80 Tuiki
I have to admit I was a bit scared at the sight of chapter 80...(not the chapter, just the number...don't ask.)

If I'm right and you made it obvious enough Arek could possibly seek out Kera...err...your story. 8D

9/21/2007 c79 Stang65
Absolutely love this chapter! Kera is in pretty big trouble... I hope Cyril finds her soon or she escapes. If you kill off the main character, I swear... LOL! Love the cliff hanger about the falcon. But, really, I think you need to off Rindran - he is a TOTAL JERK!

Great chapter! Update soon girl!
9/19/2007 c79 Tuiki
Er...my mind is blank so I can't exactly come up with a coherent review...other than continue... ^^;
9/5/2007 c78 Stang65
K, so Cyril is WAY too calm for a man in love whose bride to be was just captured... In fact, his calmness makes me nervous... LOL. But it is a good idea to wait for back up before he tries to go after Kera. He's a good guy. Now he just needs to kill Rindran and I will be happy...

Great chapter.
9/5/2007 c76 Stang65
Boy, I really HATE that Rindran... jerk that he is... He needs to be punished slowly and tortuously. Strange that Cyril kept having those dreams... pretty cool though. Great chapter!
8/28/2007 c78 1PurpleEyesOfTruth
That was an interesting chapter... Well I'm glad you updated but perhaps you can make them longer?
8/28/2007 c78 Tuiki
I always have a funny feeling whenever I read new chapters. It's kind of like your style is changing but all in all I loved the new chapter. :3

Continue Soon!
8/16/2007 c77 2Stang65
GREAT chapter! She just needs to escape that idiot now... While she's got him on the ground, she should beat the living daylights out of him too... LOL! Hope everything goes ok with poor Jeman, broken arm and all, this will cut their trip short.

Update soon!
8/8/2007 c77 1PurpleEyesOfTruth
Ah, just slit his throat ad run for your life. I'm sure it wouldn't be too much of a waste. Glad you updated quickly and you're doing good!

8/8/2007 c77 Tuiki
I don't know what I think of this chapter, other than I'm really confused...

But aye, I will let that pass, continue please.

(Your most dedicated reviewer or will be in due time)

8/3/2007 c76 2Padrona dei Polli
Gee, every chapter is great! Congrats on being so persistant and creative. I'm hanging out for the next installment. You go girl! ^^
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