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for Heart Divided

4/21/2007 c70 Tuiki
Wow, I do love this story...I'm nauseaus with adrenaline everytime there is a new chapter...

PLEASE continue soon!
4/21/2007 c70 1Keja Toshiro
oh so now shes going to be stuck in a dress when she goes to see cyril! how cute =) not sure she will be in a good mood tho lol...
4/21/2007 c70 2Padrona dei Polli
Get to the declaration of love already! Nah, good chapter. Keep it up!
4/19/2007 c69 Padrona dei Polli
I'm really enjoying this story, but i really wish that Cyril didn't keep getting interrupted!

Post the next chapter soon please, don't leave us on such a cliffhanger...ish ending!
4/18/2007 c69 2Stang65
AW! Cyril is so cute when he's trying to confess his feelings. It makes him seem, I don't know, younger somehow. I wonder how Kera will react... Can't wait to see the next chapter - hopefully before you post it... Can you please just let me do my "beta" job? Gr - some people!
4/16/2007 c61 1Keja Toshiro
A staff is an incredibly useful weapon, its longer reach and the ablity to strike with both ends of it can often make up for its lack of sharpened edges, especially with staves with blades attached to either end. Staves are usually harder to learn- as with the bowstaff- than the sword and do not allow for the use of a shield which is a requirement in regimental armies. one skilled with a staff could probably best somone with naught but a sword 4/5 times.
4/16/2007 c69 little fox demon
no and it was so close lol
4/16/2007 c69 Tuiki
Why was my heart beating faster than it should have been reading this? Oh yes, that's why...

Continue Please! I will review as many times as I could. I love this stroy so much!
4/15/2007 c33 Keja Toshiro
4/15/2007 c10 Keja Toshiro
4/14/2007 c1 Keja Toshiro
4/10/2007 c68 little fox demon
yay finally u do know that u should publish it
4/10/2007 c68 1Tusshie
I love this story. I just wish Cyril would grow some balls and tell Kera he loves her!
4/9/2007 c59 Alenor
heya, i'm so sorry i haven't been reading for a while. i've just been so busy because i started uni this year and i got a new job so it's been kinda hectic. the chappies that i read today are great, although i do think that it was a little stilted for a while there...and you kept using the phrase "as such" or "such is" etc. but other than that they were brilliant. i would read the rest today but i'm going out with my boyfriend so i have to go get ready sorry. i'll read it shortly though, cya later ~ Alenor.
4/9/2007 c68 Tuiki
I feel something bad coming on as exciting as the last part was...

Continue and spare me the agony!
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