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4/7/2007 c67 2Stang65
Very nicely done, even if you did leave us hanging... gr! Loved the whole Drant scene though. Is he going to become a more permanent fixture?
4/7/2007 c67 Tuiki
I'm just on the prowl today...

Continue please, you're doing great!
4/5/2007 c66 Stang65
SO CUTE! I loved the whole ice ball of doom (or whatever) screaming past Cyril's head. LOL! Plus... Cyril is so sweet! Kyra is learning how to loosen up too, which is always good.

4/4/2007 c66 Tuiki
I hate my birthdays. (Most of all the date) I can relate to Kera right now...

Please continue!
4/2/2007 c65 Tuiki
Nah I think a kiss on the forehead would have been too much. *refers to review up above or below...* I think whats there is done quite well.


(This story should seriously become a novel)
4/2/2007 c65 Stang65
Aw! So CUTE! But you forgot the kiss... he should have kissed her forehead or something... MEN! But, so sweet!
4/2/2007 c1 Riley-Kayden-Alexenai
I like your idea! I haven't read many fictions on this website, simply because they fail to capture my interest. Heart Divided already appears to be an interesting story, even though I'm kinda late...Either way, I'm just glad I have no grammar errors to point out, since I'm used to having to do that. Anyway, liking the story! Keep it up!

Dragon for a thousand generations!
4/2/2007 c64 Stang65
Oh YEAH! FINALLY! Sorry about the constant harping about getting them together and moving the story along. It's my nature to be impatient - especially about romance...

Loved the update! Keep them coming!
3/27/2007 c64 1Tusshie
Kade is awesome. Hurry up lady! I want Cyril and Kera together now! =]

I heart this story.
3/21/2007 c64 little fox demon
when will ugetto the next chap
3/15/2007 c64 1A. L. Saveley
Well, even if it isn't moving any faster, I still like it. Besides, it's always better when these things aren't rushed. People are actually a lot happier when it isn't just shoved in their faces. Everyone can accept development of a relationship. I still think this is an absolutely wonderful story. ^^
3/15/2007 c63 A. L. Saveley

Okay, got that out of my system. But omigosh! For as subtle as that was, it was fabulous! The best thing about these kinds of stories are the different kinds of angles one can take, and this relationship between Kera and Cyril is such an angle that would appeal to the more romantic fans. Great work.
3/14/2007 c64 Tuiki
Ooh...EEK...you finally made a Authors Note! (Why do I even notice these things?)

Of course I'm going to review, I'm like the biggest fan here...well maybe 2nd...I don't know anyone else. ^^;

Well continue on, and you do not have to rush. I u st like the fact that Cyril is being...I dunno. He finally has a backbone...

Ah, continue...SOON...:3
3/12/2007 c63 2Stang65
Hm... very nice lead into a deeper relationship between Cyril and Kera. It's about TIME! Those two have been fighting it too long.
3/11/2007 c63 1Tusshie
I am totally in love with this story. I just wish Cyril would grow some balls and tell Kera how he feels. This story has great potential.
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