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for Key of Faith

4/6/2007 c3 7Niki Tori
Sorry I didn't r&R sooner! I Really tHINK THIS STORY rocks!
2/24/2007 c12 6A Dizzy Dingo
AHH! I really like it!
2/24/2007 c9 A Dizzy Dingo
I LIKE IT! Write more ASAP
2/23/2007 c2 7Niki Tori
This chappie was crazy! ^_^ I enjoyed reading it a lot. By the way thanks so much for R&R Working for Affection. Please forgive me for not getting back sooner. I'll try and better myself.

UnTil NeXt tImE

LOve You

12/29/2006 c1 Niki Tori
This was good...I remember reading this before. What happened? Anyways it was still a good chappie. Thanks for R&R Working For Affection.

Until NeXt Time!

Love You!


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