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11/5/2007 c10 7BITT3RSW33T
Aw...i feel bad for nathan, I do. and mike is just...mike. I don't know.
11/5/2007 c9 BITT3RSW33T
Man, becca, i haven't gone on fp for the LONGEST time! Great chap, i love your ideas! lol
8/20/2007 c8 1Billy1
kay, this stuff is REALLY good, but please can u keep it comin faster? n it wud b lots more fun if things happened faster in the story. however, its still good.
7/22/2007 c8 BITT3RSW33T
Formidable! It's really good. So good, I don't really have much to comment on. Except I think um...let's see where to start... You might want to explain the selena and mike part in the beginning better. I don't know how you could do that. But I just think it's kinda confusing, just a bit. But it's really good so far. Keep it up! INSPIRE...;)
7/6/2007 c7 Vickyyy
6/24/2007 c7 BITT3RSW33T
Hey! I finally got around to reading it! it's really good so far, except here's a little tip: refrain from putting A/N's in the middle of your story. If it's before the chapters starts or after, that's fine, but when you do it in the middle, it just pulls the reader out of the mood. But...keep up the good work!
6/23/2007 c7 billy
hey, glad ur working on the next chapter. ok, i said earlier i was glad gwen's strong, but i do like some romance. i know u can't take care of everybody's needs so i'll just hope u'll put a little romance. not extra mushy, but romance. oh, and please let mike n gwen end up together, but even if they don't please make it good like it is till now.
5/23/2007 c6 ambili
god i luv dis... its lyk da cutest, sweetest, luvliest teen luv story iv evr read. i read it a few days ago n ryt now spent bout 20 mins lookin 4 it here. PLEAZe WEN is da next bits comin? 4 da 1st tym, da gal in luv is independant sensible n not completely taken in by da guy. pleas keep it dat way. i'm tyrd of da pathetic grls in stories who'll do nething 4 a guy. gwen is completely rockin. as 4 mike, well... lets see wot he's lyk, huh?

i wrote dis cuz i thot u might get 2 writin further wid 1 more excllent review... plz dont disapoint me...
5/21/2007 c6 Squalls Girl
This is a great storyline, I like the way Selena set him up. Nice, just watch out for those typos, read over it once or twice just to make sure everything is there. I think your forgetting words in some places and I keep having to go back to follow along. I love the story, but as I said, check it over. I can't wait for the next chapter :) Make it good ;)
11/6/2006 c5 BITT3RSW33T
Great job, becka! Can't wait til you next update!
11/4/2006 c5 1FireGodess 13
sweet story! rocks my world! is that it? soo not likin the cliffhanger!
11/2/2006 c5 4Little Phenomenon
T.T wow, great chapter. I love how he likes her but she doesn't know it. Great set up.
11/2/2006 c4 Little Phenomenon
Gah! I can see why she said no, but i wanna see what happens next! Write the next part! You're doing a great job keeping the characters to their personalities. Looking forward to the next chapter.
11/2/2006 c3 Little Phenomenon
Great chapter, nice description! But I'm sad about her friend, how we just met her and now she's gone, kinda sad. Is the character used later? Or were you just showing Gwen having a really bad day? Besides that I love the story so far. Off to read the next chapter, can't wait.
10/23/2006 c4 7BITT3RSW33T
O...now we're getting somewhere! Well update soon, beck-ia
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