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for Baioretto soshite Aoiro

10/19/2008 c1 3Lover of Scribbles
This is wonderfull.

I can't even express my thoughts on the emotion you managed to put into this. Just wow.

I'm not very good at expressing myself, but I loved this.

I think I'm going to go read the rest of your stories now...
10/29/2007 c1 5Seirvitas
I realize this was written last year but I would very much like to see a sequel to this. It would be nice to see how relations develop farther as I rather like the setting
12/9/2006 c1 psyne
I'm sorry, but oh god, please change your title and never try to make a title in Japanese again. That is not a correct translation of Violet and Blue, it's more like "VIOLET and then also, the color blue"

Soshite is the absolute worst part, because it's not even NEAR the form of "and" you were looking for, but "Baioretto" is also ugly since it's just the Japanese bastardization of the word "violet" (violet vaiolet baioret baioretto), not a native word, and the "iro" in "aoiro" is unnecessary because ao or aoi are the normal adjective forms, aoiro is a noun and more like "the color blue" than just blue (iro is another kanji meaning color; it's needed on some color words, like chairo(i) or kiiro(i) (brown and yellow)、but others - ao(i), aka(i) - are functional color adjectives by themselves. Part of this is because some words aren't colors without "color" added onto them - like, chairoi is literally "the color of tea", so obviously you need the whole word including iro, not just cha/chai (tea/teaish).

If you absolutely have to use a japanese title I'd suggest "Murakami to Ao" but there's really no point in using a Japanese title on a English story that isn't even related to Japan.

Don't take this as an attack on your story, I honestly didn't even read it. I just saw the title scrolling past and it made me cringe.

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