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for Laurel

3/15/2008 c1 8Written
that was such a beautiful, sweet story.. wow. inspirational, seriously. I love how realistic you are with your main character and how bitter she becomes.

well done!
1/5/2007 c1 4under the influence
Very well done...really made me think
12/12/2006 c1 A.A-H.L
YAY! Happy ending! Well, Laurel was really stubborn, getting her hit, and selfish, complaining and being all bitter, but she learned her lesson and I'm happy about that.

Cool story.
10/18/2006 c1 2Lientje46
Hey! This was a really nice, sweet story. I was a little disapointed to see that it was just a one-shot. Anyway, I really loved it! Well done.

X Lien

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