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for Obligatory Phone Calls

8/15/2008 c1 17Celestial Songbird
Nicely done, and true.
10/19/2006 c1 RedBerries
I liked the idea. But to be honest just because you don't have something to say doesn't stop me ringing my boyfriend. Sometimes its nice to hear the silence on the end of the phone, knowing he's breathing on the other end.
10/18/2006 c1 5psychedelicangel
Very nice. The little details make the whole thing - and I like it a lot. Keep writing!
10/18/2006 c1 25kaiialyne
Hoo boy, I've had those before.

Nice, but very short. I'd say develope it a little more. Don't actually take the story anywhere, just bulk it up some.

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