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4/18/2009 c5 1xenolith
I loved reading this. Such a treat. You have a real way with words, with pacing and mystery or maybe its ambiguity. I dunno. I just really, really enjoyed this and I hope to read more of it sometime. Claudius is thuh. Man.
9/18/2008 c5 25MaddieX
And I finally manage to read the last chapter.

Interesting - though there's things that have been mentioned that I have to read further on in order to fully comprehend.

Keep it up :o for me wants to read the rest of this.

8/5/2008 c3 6Nokturnal Augury
Glad to see this being continued. Though I can sense a slight shift in style between the first and third chapter, it's rather fitting, I believe. Things are slowly starting to get together, and the plot's direction is starting to clear up too.

Looking forward to more :o

(though when you mentioned "Rangoon" all I could think about was crab rangoon and now I'm hungry)
10/25/2006 c1 Nokturnal Augury
Wow, definitely different. I have written acidy like this before though, so it doesn't weird me out or anything ^_^ (Mine wasn't nearly as good) I found it delicious. I hope you write more, but even if you dont...this stands well as a oneshot. The things that aren't revealed to us do feal like a mystery that feels good even if you decide not to write anymore. Hehe. (I still hope you do.)

Love, sister!

Be good. (Small percentage, as always :D)
10/21/2006 c1 Guest
First of all, I would like to say that your vocabulary is succulent! It is rare that I can read something worded freshly rather than cliche. However, I've never read any of your work before, and therefore cannot compare any of those compositions to this. I admit to feeling a little disoriented, but that seems to be intentional, as to explain this scene in later chapters. (Or it could be attributed to my fatigue at the moment.)

I encourage you to continue!

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