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for Subtle Changes

6/8/2018 c21 Guest
really a sweet story. too sweet, but it really does not make it boring. really you are very much talented.
4/27/2017 c21 5marzmez
I really enjoyed this story. Thank you for writing it.
5/19/2016 c21 7IcanzIIravor
This was a truly awesome read. I am so glad I found. If it doesn't make a person smile and be filled with hope and optimism then I don't know what else will. Thanks for sharing it.
5/11/2016 c21 Gracelin
That was great. What a fantastic story! Thank you.
5/9/2016 c5 Gracelin
I just want you to know, I'm addicted to this story and I'm trying to muster up the self control to stop marathoning the chapters and go to bed.
5/9/2016 c2 Gracelin
This story is adorable. I love the flow and the way you write, and I love the characters!
7/12/2015 c21 6khastra
Omg this is just so cute and perfect 0!im not crying i swear omg

Good job !
7/2/2015 c18 xXxslayqueenxXx
Grayson! Grayson that fucking bastard I'm gonna hunt you down what the fuck is wrong with you?! YOU FUCKING RAN BRENTIE OVER AND THAT IS A SIN I CANNOT FORGIVE! WHATTT!

5/23/2015 c20 Guest
I hated this fucking stupid story! You cant write for shit. You have seriously ruined my fucking night bitch, Do the world a favour and never write another story again...
4/12/2014 c21 1rainreverie
wow. I really don't have any words to describe what I'm feeling right now. But this is definitely one of the best and cutest stories I've ever read. Bravo!
1/30/2014 c21 1Copper Sunlight
I really cannot express how much I love this story.
Every time I read it, I fall even more deeply in love with Aubrianne and Brent. The simple nature of their relationship and of their love, simplistic yet pure, always makes me cry. It avoids the over use of confusing drama, something which can often overshadow the true story. Aubrianne and Brent, with out fail, always manage to tug every heart string. They share a simple yet realistic story that really does make one want to believe in true love.
I've always been a fan of the feminist novels, where the female protagonist depends on no one and makes herself great. In any other situation, I would likely be annoyed with how dependent on Brent Aubrianne has become. But you've made it work. Aubrianne needs Brent because he understands her and loves her in a way that no one else can, just as he needs her. Really, I think that's what we all aspire to. To love and to be loved. To love and be loved without limit or constraint or being caught up in the superficial.
That's what makes Aubrianne and Brent so special to me.
Thank you for sharing them with me.
10/31/2013 c21 In Love
This was absolutely the best ending. To end with the flashback of the day that started it all was pure genius! I can't believe it's over already, but I guess I'll deal.

Amazing job.
9/24/2013 c21 toffeema
sweet. :)
9/7/2013 c21 Guest
Totally original I loved it
9/2/2013 c6 Guest
The song...beautiful.
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