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5/24/2009 c21 mysticalemotion
Never had a story make me cry before, ever. Great accomplishment! I never cry and you've broken me with your writing. Congratulations. Wonderful writing. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have a good cry. Loved how you wrote with the italics and reference to the past and great characters and descriptions.
4/13/2009 c21 5Abc1234512
This is incredible.

The ending made me cry, actually. Aubrianne and Brent are absolutely perfect for each other. One of the best stories I've ever read. :]
4/5/2009 c21 1Sputnik Kid
You know, funny thing, the name Aubrianne reminds me of Aubergine.

Nevertheless, this is an AMAZING story. Sorry that I can't come up with a better adjective at the moment, but my brain is a little...dehydrated. Wuhey, a dehydrated brain.

I'm going off topic, aren't I?

Anyways, long story short, love this story, definitely going on my favourites list, and please, I implore you, write more amazingly amazing stories like this.

3/11/2009 c21 AJ southern
Cute, needs some editing, but enjoyable. Nicely done : )
2/24/2009 c21 24fairies and snapple
I love this story. It's so adorable, and I like how it keeps going back and forth between when they're younger and the present. The only thing I would've liked more of is that it feels like their quirks become more diluted in the later chapters (her ditziness and his... whatever). But so not a big deal, because the whole thing is lovely.
2/13/2009 c21 1aleson
I'm rereading this for the second time and I just have to say, it's just one of the sweetest stories I've ever read on FP. Not only is it written really well and complete, but I just absolutely adore and find it amazing how you managed to write this little gem. I find most stories on FP like to make their heroines a little sharper than usual (I'm guilty of this), and its rarer to find the ones where the heroines are a little slower than the average, but to have someone like Aubrianne who is definitely different is just extraordinary. And yet, there's nothing less meaningful or different in the development of her relationship with Brent. Just wonderful.
1/27/2009 c21 CharlotteBradhadair
the story was amazing! it was really well written and it had a really good storyline. it was so sweet but it was also really sad but in a good way!

1/25/2009 c21 1bubble headed
I know this review is terribly late, like at least 2 years late but I just had to. I adored this story from the beginning to the end. It was sweetly touching story about two friends falling in love and it made with sigh with the sweetness of it all.

I loved Brent and Annie and during the 17th and the 18th chapter I was in tears because I did not want anything to happen to Brent and Annie sitting at his bedside talking made my heart wrench for them. I simply loved the 20th chapter because they are so perfect for each other and they definitely deserve to be togther on so many level. And by the 21st chapter I was in tears again but happy tears this time.

Amazing story, one of the best I've ever read and I hope you continue to write more. :)
1/19/2009 c21 xcrunner21
amazing story!
12/29/2008 c21 Alexandra Paige
this story brought tears to my eyes. *tear falls* I loved it! I know you finished this story awhile ago...but I just had to tell you that this was awesome and the plot kept me on the edge of my seat! Awesome story! :)
12/28/2008 c21 reader
Really touching story. Really, really. Thanks so much. This is a my antidote for cynicism. It will be my antidote.
12/17/2008 c21 17Nocturnal silhouette
This story was very simple, and yet very beautiful. The innocence, I think, made it extremely wonderful to read. Well done!
11/17/2008 c21 OoohLookACat
oh my gosh.

that is the cutest thing ever.

i sat here all night

and then decided to review in the morning

and oh my gosh

that is one of the cutest stories yet

and with Aubrianne, is it an actual learning difficulty or does she just space out so much that she doesnt really understand it unless its explained in a way she understands?

i was wondering throughout it but wasnt sure

and brent, aww he's so like badboy hot haha

i loved it, i was so very close to tears

i'm just kinda sad i found it so late -

but then again, better late then never haha

11/16/2008 c21 mistyblue
I thoroughly enjoyed your story (: A truly emotional journey and it was definitely a good workout for my heart (: It got twisted and made right time and time again throughout your story (: Well done (:
11/8/2008 c21 DLETE THIS OLD
this is one of the sweetest stories I've ever read...i like it that it's not all mush and not all angsty either :) it was awesome reading it
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