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5/29/2007 c20 4Daphne.Claire
i usually absolutely hate best friend falling in love stories, they always seemed so much more cliched and predictable than other stories but this has got to be one of the most beautiful stories i have ever read in my life omg u do not noe how many times i cried and i DO NOT CRY. dang i never knew someone as ditzy culd be so brilliant and i absolutely love brent, i love all of them, they are all gorgeous inside and out.

pleez promise u'll write another story, o im tearing up again, they get married! and the kindergarten scene gosh how amazing! and there such good ppl. srry i will shut up now. n e wya i hope u start writting a new story soon. i will be suire to read it.
5/29/2007 c21 Sam
That was such a lovely ending. Very worth the wait. I like how Aubrianne and Brent are always there for each other. From the start their relationship was just amazing to read. The wedding was perfect in the epilogue and I thought the memories of when they first became partners in class was a nice touch to end the story because that's where it all started. You made me one happy reader. It was a beautiful love story that had tender moments, heart felt moments, and unforgettable moments. You did a good job. Thank you so much for finishing the story.
5/29/2007 c20 Sam
Finally! This was such a good chapter and I was biting my nails waiting for them to admit their love for one another. When they finally did say those three words it didn't even seem like it had to be said at all because it was already said without them really having to say it. I hope you know what I mean. Thanks for updating.
5/29/2007 c21 sleepiedreamer
that was so sweet.. the part with Greg in it made my cry.. lol the mom is soo right... he always plans ahead of time... and i like how you made the wedding at night time with the stars... very suiting for annie lol since the dead = stars.. so daddie would be watching... GREAT STORY... i cant believe it's over it was AWESOME! if i had an award.. i would give it to you for the #1 best realistic story (its not clishe and stuff and a great idea for a story! totally different LOVE IT!)
5/29/2007 c21 4The Midnights Sun
this is the best story i ahev ever read.

serisously it is so amazing.

i love it so much.


absolutely breath-taking.

i actually ran around screaming these last few chapters.

ive cried also.

i dont do that, so feel special.

like i said before, this is so amazing&the best story ive EVER read.

you could definitely get this published in my eyes.

jaw-droppingly amazing.
5/29/2007 c21 valentinesquirt
Read this story from the beginning and am so sad that it came to an end. I really love this story! Sequel, maybe-although I don't know what you could write about. It ended perfectly. Will miss Brentie and Aubs, though.
5/29/2007 c21 1Gwyn Baranof
You know when I saw the title of the epilogue, I was kind of dreading it. Don't all these stories end with a wedding? But then I actually saw the ending. I loved it. That was an excellent way to end it. It ties everything else in so well. Great finale, if you ask me.

I really enjoyed this story. There is not much to improve. Nothing I would mention anyway, as you can see I did not. Trust me when I say that you would have known. Remember that the creator always sees things worse than they actually are. Anyway, if you write anything else, expect me to catch up.
5/29/2007 c21 19ihrtbks
I LOVE THIS STORY! It was really nice how you put that thing when they were five again. Of course the wedding was just a formality. Now go get this published!

5/29/2007 c21 5Apiavva
Your epilouge was amazing...I love how you did the little flashback again...All in all i loved your story...keep writing
5/29/2007 c21 Ravonic Soloist
Aw... this epilogue was so cute! I loved how you took us back to the beginning with the flashback, reminding us of how they met. This entire story has been so good - I recommend that you send it into a publishing company :)

Keep up the great work and I'll keep reading your other story :P
5/29/2007 c21 Portrait Of A Dreamer

This was a breathtaking story. The way you ended it with the memory you'd already used was both bold and touching and it really pulled at my heart strings..

Sorry I didnt review before this point.. I'm a lazy reviwer.. But this story was really very touching.. Sorry no other word.

I loved their relationship. Their dynamic.. The underlying sadness and love. It was intense yet it was delicate. Very well written and I usually dont like reading third person fiction. But yes, I thought this story in particular was perfectly fitting in its structure.

The contrast in their character and the very essence and connection they shared was in its own way epic, heartbreakingly beautiful and so very easy to fall in love with.

The emotion in the chapters where he was in a coma were.. painfully brilliant to say the least.. And one of my favourite lines in this story and I can still remember it (from the earlier chapters) :

"Sh.. Sleep teddy bear"

I've actually used very similar lines before.. And thier cuteness (god I wish I could find another word but I'm sadly pathetic) and intimacy is just undeniably alluring in character's personalities and thier relationships.

Originally this wasnt going to be a long review but I seem to always get carried away when I remember the emotions I felt when reading particular parts and such. As usual.. I got carried away.

But its a good thing that I can find so many good points and good things to say because usually I like to use constructive critism but seemingly cant right now.

Brent and Aubs in my opinion were so delicate and soft. I love that finally I can read about a couple that is like that. That isnt so damn dramatic and cutting and not always completely intelligent.

The softness lured me in first.

And its not delicate in a breakable way but a delicate in a "I just want to read and read and read because these lines again cause they are so subtly poetic and thier realtionship is so pretty even that I cant get enough of thier individuality" delicate.

I wish I was more articulate in this review (as I usually am I swear) but delicate is really all I can come up with. I loved his protectiveness and her cluelessness and his affections towards that trait in her. You can almost imagine the way he looked at her.. The fondness.

I find myself admiring your ability to make a reader see that and feel that way.

And god this is one long review.

I'll leave you with one last comment that Aubs and Brent are now a beautiful figment of my imagination.. And their characters are integrated in my mind almost as if I'd read it from a novel.

A breathtaking tale.

5/29/2007 c1 DeadCooKie
My god your story was just so ...emotional! you captured all your characters' feelings perfectly .And i adored the part where Aubrianne's dad gives her away to Brent ,it was so touching and sweet!

On a scale of 1 to 5 i'd give your story a three &three quarters
5/29/2007 c21 lovelady
Thanks for such a good read. They are getting harder to find. I loved your story.It's very cute. Have you thought about publishing?
5/29/2007 c21 loyaltraitor
Okay, I got to the end and I was so satisfied. It had all the right elements to a good story: the humor was just the right amount, the characters had depth, the supporting characters did the whole support job correctly (I loved his bandmates, they were such guys, hehe), and the main characters had grown by the end of the story.

I especially loved how you ended it, with the beginning. It carried the style of writing you were using right through to the finale in a great way. Grayson being their former friend was a nice touch (I had been wondering why she had dated him in the first place), and I enjoyed the star motif. It was a cute little thread that wove its way through the story.
5/28/2007 c21 6hubbabubba
Aw, it's so cute! Very nice, very nice. =] I loved this story!
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