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12/15/2012 c21 1Me102
Fabulous. This is literally the best story I've read on fiction press. I'm crying. lol.
11/27/2012 c21 brinalovesyouxx
What a beautiful story! And very well written too :) i wish i had friendship like that.. And it ended up being a perfect marriage. I absolutely love it! Which makes me want tk read mlre of your stories, cant wait! So keep up the awesome work :D xx
11/12/2012 c21 2loveofallthatisawesome
I cried three times. The two that I mentioned, and then right at the beginning of this chapter. I miss Greg. Oh gosh, her dad was perfect. That was such a perfect way to end his story, too, with him giving her away and all. But the tombstone scene just made it seem so sad. He's dead. Oh gosh, it's just so sad. I feel like he was one of the main characters, and that's weird because, you know, he's her dad, but he was still a very prominent person in this story and I can't help but miss him now that he's gone.

I really loved Aubrianne and Brent, too. Aubrianne was just so nice and caring, and even though she is really dependent on Brent, it just seems right. Brent was awesome. He was so sweet! The way that he was always there for Aubrianne, no matter the circumstances, was so endearing and it just made me love him anymore. And their love! It's so genuine! I'm glad you put in their marriage. I should think that it's cliche, but it just seems fitting. They're perfect :D

And I loved the flashbacks. It was nice to be able to see into their childhood and how their friendship developed. They've always been good to each other. Ending it with a flashback, too, however, made the story seem so final. Showing the ending and the beginning together makes it come full circle. Now it goes on continuously forever, and that makes me so happy. I really did love this story and I'm glad you wrote it :D
11/12/2012 c10 loveofallthatisawesome
I'm having different types of feelings, but they hurt nonetheless. You have a way with words, I tell ya.
11/12/2012 c5 loveofallthatisawesome
Oh my gosh, I was expecting a sweet, sappy story not this heartbreaking, organized mess! It's beautiful. So beautiful, I just can't.
11/12/2012 c2 loveofallthatisawesome
I can't believe it, but I teared up a bit in that last part where she asks him to get a star near hers. That was so sweet.
10/26/2012 c21 Teen
Loved it. Loved your use of flashbacks...not sure about the one in the epilogue because it's just a repeater. But it's a beautiful story...very well written.
9/9/2012 c21 FilleInsomniaque229
Aw. Crap. I'm crying. At 2am. This was a great story, and it really made me think. Amazing job!
8/31/2012 c21 2MissInfinity
Great ending! This whole story was so amazing!
8/27/2012 c21 heal me forever
man...dis is ADORBLE...just so..WOW ..god bless d two of dem ...FOREVER 333 great peiec of work wid true emotions nd life nd love (:

great job :D
7/15/2012 c21 1funnechick
I think I'll be your 500th reviewer, 5 years after you have finished this story!

I found this on WhenAllSeemsDark's profile under her favorites, and I am so glad I did. I truly enjoyed reading and getting to know Aubrianne and Brent's characters. I really loved their friendship and reading as it transformed into something more.

Thanks for posting and keeping up such a great story!
7/9/2012 c21 Guest
Awwwww... I loved it!
Megan :)
6/4/2012 c20 3dreambrother63
I'm pretty sure I have reviewed before. However, just wanted to let you know, again, how beautiful I find your story. This is probably the seventh time I've read it now haha. But seriously, amazing.
5/7/2012 c1 amandas2
This was such a cute story I loved it! I wish I found a best friend like that when I was in kindergarten
4/2/2012 c21 xcathy
I LOVE this story. The details, flashbacks, and gosh practically everything was perfect. It made me cried at one moment and awh-ing at the next. This was a beautifully written story and makes me sad to see that you're not on here anymore.
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