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10/24/2006 c5 ckshorty
I knew it! Anyway, update as soon as you can! I was expecting a 6th chapter and I was unhappy when I didn't see one..awesome story!
10/24/2006 c4 ckshorty
:O I have a bad feeling!
10/24/2006 c3 ckshorty
She's adorably ditzy...
10/24/2006 c2 ckshorty
- I didn't get to throw my hat at graduation either in fear of hat hair..

Another wonderful chapter! They're really cute together and I'm really liking the story..
10/24/2006 c1 ckshorty
I really like it so far! The first chapter was well done and the description wasn't too bad either. Keep up the good work!
10/24/2006 c5 12CreepSneakPounce
really fluffy, quite good though. anyways, more Brent/Annie moments... nice twist on her dad having cancer, didn't think it'd happen, but, what about while they're in college, I mean, something's bound to happen. anyways, good story, good update, make morE
10/23/2006 c5 karen
well this is a really sweet story so far even if its a little cliche
10/23/2006 c5 8writerwithoutacause
beuatiful chapter. very powerful.
10/22/2006 c4 1Eccentric
Aww this story is so cute! You've done a great job with this story so far, and the imagery is awesome! Thats got to be one of the most important parts of a story, I think. Well, for me, I guess :P Thanks for the mini-cliffhanger at the end of this chapter.. now its itching me to know what is gonna happen next :P

Can't wait for the next chapter!

10/22/2006 c4 8writerwithoutacause
ahh i liked how you explained her "ditzyness", very believable and "human". im hooked, update soon.
10/22/2006 c3 writerwithoutacause
love this story so far. loved the end of this ch. Brent is amazing, and although aubriannes ditzyness is a bit off putting, after a while i see the other dies of her character and shes very likeable. i also see that breant relies on her too, so my inner feminist isn't mad haha. super cute story you have going here, and i'm adding ti to my c2 so hopefully you'll have more review.

you might want to make aubrianne ditzyness a little less ovious though. just a suggestion.
10/22/2006 c4 Elevator Passenger
i really like this story so far. i'm not usually emotional, but you, somehow, write things in a way that make me either warm inside or want to cry because it's just so true or so close to what i think. i love Brent, Aubrianne is cool too. But I hope there's more of an explanation as to why she's so slow and childish (although it's in such a good way). I really can't wait for more.
10/22/2006 c3 2codyismypup
This story is so garshdarn sweet! aw! I love it!
10/20/2006 c2 22groovacious
aw your story is very cute. I like your descriptions, they are clear and easy to understand. I also like the plot and the characters and how they relate with each other, especially how Aubrianne depends on Brent so much. This seems to be a very interesting story so far, keep up the good work. I can't wait for the upcoming chapters.
10/19/2006 c1 1supergal
Good job, I think you portrayed the image of little kids well in this chapter. Keep writing!
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