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6/18/2011 c1 0o0o0
hi, i just wanted to say how much i enjoyed this story! i have actually already read it a couple times; i absolutely adore aubrianne and brent's bond, the fact that they have stuck with each other since kindergarten, and just how they complete each other. in other words, you have created a masterpiece. (ps. i kept thinking about yellow by coldplay while reading this, of which the vitamin string quartet's cover is the song i want to walk down the aisle to - completely useless tidbit of information, but somewhat of a coincidence too)
6/18/2011 c21 1Candescence
This story is lovely! A smile was on my face in the duration of each chapter. I love the flashbacks, bestfriends, and everything. This last chapter was so...beautiful. Good job
6/14/2011 c21 2taintedLullaby
This story is absolutely beautiful. You did an amazing job. I'm actually speechless. It's just wow. Everything about this story was perfect. Seriously. Blah! I wish I could tell you exactly what I think of this story but words cannot even begin to describe it. Heck! They would probably have to make up a bunch of new words just to describe how beautiful and amazing this story is. You even got me to cry a bit. Which is something I haven't done in a long while and usually never do when reading stories. If this story is anything to go by then you have amazing gift for writing stories. I look forward to checking out your other ones and wish you luck for all the future ones you may write. Seriously, thank you for creating and sharing something so beautiful and touching. 3 3
6/3/2011 c21 6CrimsonSilence
Aawww you made me cry...twice! The second time longer than the first. It was so sweet that her dad gave her away before he died. I love brent and I wasn't fond of annie at first but I grew to like her. I think that your ending of the wedding day and the first day they met in kindergarten was brilliant. Really loved your story :)

Keep writing

5/27/2011 c21 2MuffinsRoxSox
Oh my goodness! I adore her! Aubrianne is the most adorable person in the entire story. Thought Brent is a very close second. I love them! You won't believe how many tears I've shed during the story. It's pretty pathetic... Anyway. Yeah. Amazing job!
4/23/2011 c21 1Violet Nuen
Thank you for the story. I read it in one reading. I will definitely try your other stories.
4/1/2011 c1 7drats
This chapter is just too cute... :)
3/5/2011 c21 1NeonTime
I think the very first chapter, specifically the flashbacks, was the best. It works as a one-shot even. Don't get me wrong, I loved the rest of the story, but something about them in kindergarten killed me. It was just this strange sad feeling and wondering how they would turn out, and loving both of their thoughts.

I guess you don't write anymore, at least here, but I dearly wish you would.
12/26/2010 c21 reindrops
Aw. I finished the story in just a few hours. And it's strange cause I feel heartbroken after reading it. It's sweet and cute and wonderful. I just wish there was some continuation. I kinda want to see them being a couple (finally!) and having a family. But anyway, I really loved the story.
12/17/2010 c21 Northfacegr95
im in love with this story. it just makes me so happy
12/16/2010 c18 Northfacegr95
I seriously started to cry while reading this
12/5/2010 c21 Whimsical Reader
This story was really good and very uplifting! I'm deffinately in a happy mood :)
10/26/2010 c21 Just Another Fan

well...wat can i say about this story...

i loved it!

i guess it has all the right amount of innocence and tragedy and love to make the perfect down to earth love story...

your story wasnt like some of these other gory stuff with s**x on every page...

it was original and something i will always hold close to my heart



Just Another Fan
10/17/2010 c21 Brittany Rose
I loved this story. I was beautiful and perfect :) The last few chapters I was bawling like a little baby, but I still loved it :D Your a great writer, so don't stop.
10/16/2010 c21 lovenista
This is such a cute story. I was crying throughout it. The ending was perfect:]
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