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for Mental Suicide

1/16/2008 c1 3BlueHarpy
Well I have read this one before but I must say this is one of your better poems Jess. Maybe it's because the emotions behind it are true, I find it funny though that this poem is no longer true. You got to have your friends and him ; they can't hangout together often but you got to keep both in the end.
10/19/2006 c1 2treehugger127
soo sad but true...i loved it so much your a really good author
10/19/2006 c1 17Synthetic Vital Cyber Star
i love your poem it reminds me and wanting to love someone i could just cant have nice play of the words it made me feel like i really there and watching what has happening good job please continue with your work
10/19/2006 c1 23Forever Forbidden
Wow! Its great and my poem, Bittersweet, is really close to yours in meaning! It's sweet, and your rhyme pattern is good. Keep writing!

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